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The New JVPFI Membership Program

  Reaching Out and Growing into a Wider Community of JVP Volunteers
  After 25 years of running the full-time volunteer program, JVPFI embarks on a
new chapter in its history with the launching of a part-time volunteer program
called the JVPFI Membership Program. The Membership Program hopes to engage 
people in nation-building through faith-driven service.

  The country continues to be in great need of building. The Membership Program
is a response that seeks to contribute more in uplifting the lives of our
brothers and sisters in need, a response to the call of faith to do justice.
Inspired and guided by the successful experience in the full-time Volunteer
Service Program (VSP), the Membership Program is patterned after the VSP.

  We need YOU as part-time volunteers to participate in the mission of JVP to
build the country through faith-driven volunteer service!

  The objectives of the Membership Program are:
  1. To address the needs of the underprivileged and marginalized by rendering
volunteer service to groups that provide direct or indirect service to them;
  2. To promote volunteer service rooted in the JVP core values of service,
social justice, solidarity, simplicity, and spirituality; and
  3. To contribute to nation-building through faith-driven service.

  To qualify for membership, one must be:

   at least 18 years of age at the time of application
   a College graduate or must have at least three (3) years experience in
his/her field of specialization
   a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines or a foreigner with permanent
residency in the Philippines upon approval of application
   one who shares the mission-vision of JVPFI
   of good moral character
   willing to fulfill duties and responsibilities of membership
  The Membership Program has three components: Volunteer Service, Spiritual
Formation, and National Development Education.

  The Volunteer Service component aims to address needs of the marginalized and
underprivileged through each member's volunteer service of a minimum of 24 
per program year. Members may volunteer for projects or activities of their
particular liking or interest. However, to optimize individual academic
background, skills and expertise, they are encouraged to contribute through
volunteer opportunities that need background in their specific line of work or
area of specialization.

  The Spiritual Formation component aims to help members nurture and live out
the principles and values of Ignatian spirituality - the spirituality of St.
Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus - through various formation
activities. Members should attend a minimum of two (2) spiritual formation
activities per program year (one of which is either a retreat or recollection),
with at least one of the activities being Ignatian in character. In the spirit
of solidarity with the JVP Community, members are encouraged to participate in
formation activities organized by the JVP Local Communities (Cagayan de Oro,
Davao, Manila, Naga, Zamboanga) or National Office.

  The National Development Education component aims to raise the member's
awareness and understanding of issues concerning development because the
faith-driven volunteer service of JVP volunteers is rendered in the context and
in pursuance of national development. This component hopes to keep the member
conscious of the wider context of his/her volunteer work that contributes to
nation-building. Members are required to attend a minimum of one (1) National
Development Education activity per program year.

  Topics for the National Development Education activities include but are not
limited to the following:
  Governance; Economy; Asset building (e.g., livelihood training) of
marginalized communities; Education; Human rights; Environmental 
Health care; Cultural preservation and regeneration; and Food security

  Members may render volunteer service, and participate in spiritual formation
and national development activities in organizations which are either JVPFI
partners or have activities accredited by JVPFI.

  Let's do our part in nation building
Become a member today!

  For questions, comments or clarifications on the Membership Program, please
contact Donna Vergara at (632) 9279060, (632) 4266001 loc. 4880 or email
jvppoccs at gmail.com.   Details of the program are also found on the JVPFI 
at www.jvpfi.org.

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