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Dear Friend,

    Good morning to you! :) Please allow us to share with you the story of
one of our Pathways scholars that was featured to today at front-page of
The Manila Times. May her story inspire you and help start your week
right! :) You may access the story at:


or you may read the story below:

Balancing act for a student nurse
The Manila Times, October 23,2005 (Sunday)

It was easy for Julie to balance her responsibilities as a councilwoman of
the Sang]guniang Kabataan in Barangay Parang, as a multi­awarded student
and high-school valedictorian, as a varsity player on her school's
volleyball team, and as a daughter and sister. The discipline she has
acquired has served her well, for Julie is now in a field that requires
her presence of mind, her patience and attention to detail, and her
compassion for other people. Unlike most nursing students, however, Julie
Ann Manguerra doesn't intend to leave for foreign hospitals the first
chance she gets.

"Many students nowadays take up nursing because the pay is good," Julie
says, "but what I'll do first is give back to the country what it has
given me. "

She gushes as she continues, "I took up nursing because there were so many
similarities between myself and the pioneers of the field. I read the
biography of Florence Nightingale and was inspired by it. I was even more
inspired when I found out that we shared the same birthday."

This nursing student muses that she wouldn't have been able to study were
it not for Pathways to Higher Education. "If it weren't for Pathways, I
wouldn't be studying nursing, because I couldn't afford it. Everything,
everything changed when I became part of Pathways."

Pathways to Higher Education is an education development program
established at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2002 that equips
students with the skills and competence they would need to get a good
college education. Instead of giving doleouts and scholarships, Pathways
offers impoverished high-school students academic enrichment classes,
supplementary learning activities, and learning resource centers to
enable them to study well and earn scholarships to the schools and
courses of their choice.

It may have been a coincidence, but it isn't surprising that Julie's
chosen field is helping her deal with a growing problem in her community.
"The biggest problem in our barangay is premarital sex," she reveals.
"There are people my age, or even younger than I, who are pregnant or who
already have kids. We in the Sangguniang Kabataan wanted to make them
aware of what kind of life they'll have if they raise a family early."

She laments the state of misinformation among young people today. "Why is
it that young people are the ones who get pregnant early? They haven't
been given adequate information to know about these things."

Fortunately for her community, Julie is one person who won't stop working
until she solves problems around her. She may not yet be financially
independent, but she uses her gifts to make an impact on other people's
lives. She says, "I learned that you can give a lot without necessarily
having a lot of money. It's up to you to give as much as you can. It
feels so good to be able to help others, to know that they trust you

Julie sees education as the key to get young people out of their rut. "I
told my donor that, once I'm already financially able, I'd also like to
send someone to school in the same way that she sent me to school. I
really learned the value of education through Pathways. This is it---When
I joined Pathways, I realized that this, this is the way to uplift the
lives of people like us."


You may help Julie and other students like her by being a Pathways donor,
volunteer or by simply sharing our Pathways stories to your family and
friends! :) It only takes P 1,6000.00 a month to send a Filipino Child to
College. Be Part of Pathways today!

Pathways to Higher Education has been helping young students like Julie
chart their own courses for the future. With your help, more high-school
and college students will have access to new experiences and
opportunities that will make them better individuals and leaders. Get to
know about Pathways' groundbreaking programs by calling 426-6001 locals
4045 to 4049, by sending an email to pathways at admu.edu.ph, or by logging
on to www.pathwaysphilippines.org or by texting 0920-950-8171.

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