[Blueboard] Taho vendor's son fulfills dream with Ateneo's help

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Taho vendor's son fulfills dream with Ateneo's help
By Nina Terol, Contributor
The Manila Times, October 16,2005

"When I was much younger, I'd always take things apart to see how they
wor­ked, but I couldn't put them back," reminisced Archie Dolit, who was
president of the Math and Science club at Marikina High School and
graduated valedictorian three years ago.

"That's why I chose to study ECE [Electronics and Communications
Engineering]. Astig siya [It's really cool]."

Although he worked hard to maintain his gra­des and to participate
actively in school activities, even for­going lunch to work on projects,
Archie never imagined that he would be where he is now.

Through the help of Pathways to Higher Education program, Archie is now a
full scholar at Ateneo de Manila University.

Pathways to Higher Education is an education development program
established at Ateneo de Manila University in 2002 that equips students
with the skills and competence they would need to get a good college
education. Instead of giving doles and scholarships, Pathways offers
underprivileged high-school students with academic enrichment classes,
supplementary learning activities, and learning resource centers to
enable them to study well and earn scholarships to the schools and
courses of their choice.

With Ateneo's help, Archie is fulfilling his dream. "I'm really thankful
that I'm at Ateneo, that I was given free tuition, an allowance from the
school, and assistance for other expenses. If you think about it, I'm
even more blessed than my well-to-do classmates because I was able to
study here when I didn't think I could."

Archie is the son of a taho (bean-curd) vendor and a laundrywoman. Months
before his high-school graduation, his parents told him that they could
no longer support his college education. Crushed but still undefeated,
Archie worked hard and found himself part of the Pathways Program.
Through sheer hard work and a little help, Archie is now a junior at
Ateneo de Manila, where he is studying Electronics and Communications

Archie, who was himself part of the first batch of recipients of the Alay
ni Ignacio, is now part of the student-initiative itself, helping other
people like him realize their dreams.

His experience has opened Archie up to a lot more opportunities than he
ever thought possible. Now that he is deeply into information and
communications technology, he dreams of someday working for a
telecommunications firm and of developing high-tech gadgets that would
make information more accessible to more people.

Archie admits that one draw of his course is its high income potential,
especially since advances in information and communications technology
have been made at such breakneck speed in recent years. Anyone who stays
on top of the field is likely to reap huge financial rewards. Archie
wishes to use his earnings to support his parents and his younger
siblings and to someday establish a foundation to help more young
students like him.

His eyes light up and his voice lifts as he describes what he wants to
achieve. "My goal is to be able to help other people someday. I've
received so many blessings. At the end of my life, I want to have been
able to help many people because I've been the product of so much

"Once I'm financially stable, I'd want to put up a school. Even if I don't
earn millions, I can use my passion to serve others. Before [being
involved in Pathways], I wanted to help, but [I did so] in a limited way.
Now the world seems larger, [and] the range of what and where I can give
back is much larger than it used to be."

For someone who has to pay attention to so many details, Archie sure has
his sights set on the big picture. And, just like the visionaries of his
field who have made it possible for us to connect to the world and to
share moments and memories through a small, handheld device, there is no
doubt that Archie will make even more exciting discoveries that will
power up a whole new generation.

*The author graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with an AB
Communication Arts Degree (Batch '99).

Pathways to Higher Education is based at Ateneo de Manila University and
has been helping young students like Archie chart their own courses for
the future. With your help, more high-school and college students will
have access to new experiences and opportunities that will make them
better individuals and leaders. Get to know about Pathways'
ground­breaking programs by calling 426-6001 locals 4045 to 4049, by
sending an email to pathways at admu.edu.ph or by texting 0920-9508171.

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