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*Fusion of Art & Volunteer Service*
 Dear Ateneo Community,

A fusion of the visual arts and JVP's art of giving.

That's one way of desribing the launch of JVP's Joven Ignacio art cards
last September 24, 2005. I would like to thank the former JVP volunteers who
attended the launch at the Designs Ligna in a show of support for the
project. Also at the launch wee many other guests who were supporters of
Joven Ignacio, but have probably heard of JVP for the first time.

The event, hosted by JVPFI Communications Officer Donna Vergara, started
with the invocation, "How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place", a song that
celebrates the beauty of God's creation, sung by Ron Calderon (JVP Batch
18). It was followed by the profound reflection on creation and talent
by Fr. Mars, our National Chaplain. JVPFI Vice President Eric Soriano
(JVP Batches 18/19) opened the ceremony with his welcome remarks, which
was followed by the presentation of JVP and the card project by yours

A respected psychologist, collector of Joven's artworks, and his personal
friend, Dr. Milagros Capistrano, made a wonderful introduction of Joven,
saying that Joven's generosity shines forth in all his works whether in
the arts or architecture. The humble person that he is, Joven returned
the gratefulness of JVPFI in his speech as according to him, the project
was the least he could do to show his support to the worthy cause of
JVPFI. He asked for a show of hands of former JVP volunteers present in
the event and asked the audience to give them a round of applause.

Sponsors of the card project - Art Angel Printshop owned by JVP couple
Bebs and Tina Pavia (JVP Batches 7 & 8), Joseph Server & Associates, and
Designs Ligna of which Nicky de Lange (JVP Batch 7) is owner and president
- were then thanked with appreciation letters, gifts, and complimentary
card sets. Aside from the talent of Joven Ignacio manifested in each
artwork, the furniture of Designs Ligna and the printing of Art Angel were
themselves a showcase of Filipino talent. The launch was concluded with
the closing remarks of Nicky who said that it is not too often that
business can directly support a non-profit project like the Joven Ignacio
Art Cards and so it was his honor to have done so, especially since JVP
holds a
special place in his heart.

The event was truly heart-warming and uplifting to both the visual sense
and the human spirit. Joven Ignacio himself was very happy with the
ceremony and signified that he would want to join the part-time volunteer
service program to be implemented in May 2006.

The launch was financially rewarding with 240 boxes of cards sold in two
hours or two boxes per minute. With the help of Joy Belmonte-Alimurung
(JVP Batch 13), the card project was featured in a half-page article in
the Lifestyle Section of The Philippine Star last Monday, September 19,
and in a whole spread in the Arts Section of the Starweek yesterday,
September 25. The card designs featuring Philippine birds and flowers are
shown in both articles. Already, we have received inquiries and
orders from readers of the articles, former JVP volunteers (even from
abroad) and from
members of the Ateneo de Manila community. Each box of cards costs Php
150.00 and contains three designs with two cards per design.

I truly hope you will support this project. You can make the card set
your individual gift or your company's Christmas gifts to your patrons.
With most of the expenses of the card project covered by sponsorships, the
project can raise an amount sufficient to support at least three
volunteers for one year. We will soon announce the other outlets for the
cards and will also make them available on-line. We can deliver or send
by courier by arrangement.

Allow me to end with this portion of my speech during the launch:

At the back of each of the twelve thousand cards we produced, there is a
brief description of the mission of JVP. We hope to make the card sets
not only a project to raise funds, but also to promote volunteer service
for love of God, country and neighbor. At only Php 150.00 per set of six
cards, the card set is a fine all-occasion gift that celebrates Filipino
art, nature's beauty and volunteer service that inspires hope. And so
when you give each card set as a gift, you not only make somebody happy
with a fine gift and financially support our volunteers and make the
people they serve happy, but you also share with your loved one a reason
to hope.

With your support, this new art of giving and inspiring hope will help JVP
continue its mission of helping our brother and sister Filipinos in need.
This project celebrates God's grandeur shown in His creation, in human
talent, and in generosity of heart.

In Christ,

Jo Maribojoc
Executive Director

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines
Foundation, Inc. Rm 313 Bellarmine Hall, Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108, Philippines
Tel Nos. (632) 927-9060, (632) 426-6001 loc 4880
Telefax (632) 426-5908
www.jvpfi.org <http://www.jvpfi.org>
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