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                         The Ateneo Art Gallery
                  warmly invites you to the opening of

                       Extensions to the Graphic

                  on Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 6-8 pm

                      Ground Floor, Rizal Library
                      Ateneo de Manila University
                      Loyola Heights, Quezon City

                     This exhibition forms part of
                          ZERO-IN: CONSTRUCTS


As its contribution to ZERO-IN, the annual consortium project of the
Philippines' leading private museums, the Ateneo Art Gallery presents
ANALOG/PLAYGROUND, which sees nine contemporary Filipino printmakers take
a "contemplative pause" in the face of the growing trend for visual
artists to step into cyberspace. Banding together to assert their desires
in the imaginative playgrounds of the analog (i.e. pre- or non-digitized
art), this exhibition investigates various notions of retrograde
resistance to the "electronization of sensibility."

Taking their cue from such tangible precedents as Ray Albano's "Step on
the Sand and Make Prints," and Romulo Olazo's "Permutations," the nine
artists in the ANALOG/PLAYGROUND posit extensions to the graphic (in the
sense of reproducible/receptive).  Virgillio Aviado's woodblock prints on
paper assume ultra-violet transparency and transmission when converted
into black light illuminants. Benji Torrado Cabrera covets a similar
translucent quality and infuses it with palimpsest and projectibility as
he explores intaglio on clear acrylic sheets.  Ambie Abaño tests
expansion and compression of contexts with her rubber-cuts on Spandex.
Eugene Jarque bathes the collograph with acid, making the accident-prone
but reliably duplicable surface of glued fabric carry corrosion as its
random articulant, sandwiched on plates of aluminum that will not be, in
its witty reversal, the plates but the print.

Pablo Baensantos engages in, in keeping with his commentarist view,
wiretapping, his code for serigraphy on wood with exaggerated screens,
woven from wire and previously reserved for insect control or shifting of
particles. Marina Cruz carries the pasted print that we know as a
collograph into the realm of high relief and nostalgic textural adventure
by working with raw rubber as a final product/print instead of as
transitional technology.

Noëll EL Farol and Sid Gomez Hildawa take both grave and witty routes
towards incorporating the forensic, the predictable narrative embodied in
the human corpus into the realms of diaristic recording and personality
prediction. Farol focuses on an arcane method of viewing the fingerprint
not merely as reliable criminalist identifier but as barometer of
personality. Hildawa has a compelling and lightly elegant two month
monologue and journalizes this period with Styrofoam cup records of his
dental bite.

Amiel Roldan rounds out the proposal with an excerpt of a kitchen
decorated by mundane, industrial tiles - tiles decorated with serigraph
reproreductions from the Ateneo's collection.  He hopes to cull a tension
(not call attention) between the museum and its own dreaded entropy, the
entropy of mundanity that results from the inexorability of a telos
proffered by the likes of Karim Rashid. Roldan's installations, the
juxtaposition of the banal chamber feeding the stomach necessary for
feeding the purportedly-less banal aesthetic fed more likely in a museum,
proposes the cyclical ambivalence which the ANALOG/PLAYGROUND would like
to remind us inhabits all industrialized certainty.

Analog/Playground runs through 20 January 2006. An exhibition catalogue,
with essays by Dr. Patrick Flores and exhibition designer and curatorial
team member Jose Tence Ruiz, is available at the AAG Store.

The Ateneo Art Gallery is at the Ground Floor, Rizal Library, Ateneo de
Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Museum hours: Monday to
Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-12; closed Sundays and holidays.

For more information, please contact Francesca Tanada at +63 2 426.6488

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