[Blueboard] Ewha Womans University: Ewha Global Partnership Program

Joanna Ruiz jruiz at ateneo.edu
Mon Oct 10 10:27:53 PHT 2005


The Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) is a global initiative undertaken 
by the Ewha Womans University (Seoul, South Korea) with the goal of 
educating students from developing countries to become professionals and 
global leaders in the 21st century. One hundred twenty (120) qualified women 
from around the developing world will be provided with the opportunity to 
study at Ewha with full scholarships.

Women from developing countries including those from Southeast Asia, Africa, 
and Latin America will benefit  from the program. Ewha has 14 colleges, one 
division of international studies, and 14 graduate schools. The university 
has pursued a strategy of "selective concentration" in the last ten years in 
the following areas of specialization: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Design 
Technology, International Studies, Women's Studies, Business Administration, 
Korean Studies, and Teacher Education.

Application deadlines are as follows:
- For the spring semester beginning March 1, 2006, the deadline for 
applications is October 31, 2005.
- For the fall semester beginning September 1, 2006, the deadline for 
applications is May 15, 2006

For those interested, brochures on Ewha Womans University and the Ewha 
Global Partnership Program may be viewed at the Office of International 
Programs (2/F Bellarmine Hall).

Information is also available at the Ewha website:
(Information on the Ewha Global Partnership Program may be accessed by 
clicking on the program's link in the Ewha main page.)

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