[Blueboard] Invitation to ADMU Employees re: ABL 2006

jeng jmanglallan at ateneo.edu
Tue Nov 22 08:41:18 PHT 2005

Dear Moderator,

May I kindly request that the attached letter be circulated to the 
community via our Blue Board. Thank you. Sincerely, Jun Dalandan Office 
of Univ Development & Alumni Relations

ABL 2006- Ateneo Employees Division

Dear Fellow Employees,

The Ateneo Basketball League would like to invite all interested ADMU 
employee teams to join the 2006 season tournament. This year, the ABL in 
cooperation with the Office of University Development and Alumni 
Relations will shoulder the full cost of the ABL regular tournament for 
a maximum of 6-8 Ateneo employee teams (approximately PHP 100-150,000.00).

Teams will have to shoulder the cost of purchasing the ABL reversible 
blue and white Ateneo jersey and shorts. Each jersey costs PHP 300.00 
while each pair of shorts is PHP 300.00 as well. As per ABL policy, the 
uniform may be used in subsequent ABL seasons. Players with old ABL 
uniforms in good condition need not purchase a new one.

The basic features of the tournaments are as follows.
1. All games (5-6 elimination round and 2 post-elimination round games) 
will be played at the Blue Eagle Gym or Moro Lorenzo Sports Center. The 
electronic scoreboards will be used.
2. Individual, game, and team statistics will be posted on the ABL website.
3. There will be a MVP, Best Defender, and Mythical Five for the division.
4. The tournament will be from January 14 to March 18. Games will be 
held on weekends.

To ensure that each Ateneo unit has representation, priority will be 
given to the teams who participated in the last University Sportsfest. 
In the event that a unit does not avail of its slot, another team from 
another Ateneo unit is free to take its slot.

The minimum requirement for the tournament to push through will be at 
least 4 employee teams. The deadline for registration and the settlement 
of payments for all uniform orders is on Friday, December 2, 2005. The 
team registration forms have been forwarded to your respective Unit 
Heads and Sportsfest representatives. For any questions and 
clarifications, please call Mr. Chiqui Paterno at cell phone 
0917-5337778 or call Pinky at loc. 4180.

Sincerely yours,

Director- MPG Inc.				Director for Alumni Relations
ABL 2006 Manager				Office of University Development and
						Alumni Relations



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