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Tue Nov 15 15:55:01 PHT 2005

To            All Concerned
>From        Esther M. Pacheco


In the name of all stakeholders, I have sent another letter to Mayor  Belmonte
asking about that Katipunan Footbridge that was supposed to have been built 
sometime last month.

I reproduce my letter below--for your information  and guidance.

You could all help  by  calling up the office of the mayor, or faxing him a letter.

Hope springs eternal, right?

7 November 2005 

                  Quezon City

                  CC: Barangay Loyola Heights, Concerned Stakeholders

FROM         ESTHER M PACHECO                    
                  Loyola Heights Alliance of Concerned stakeholders

                   C/O Ateneo de Manila University Press, Fax 426 5909 



Greetings to our Mayor of Quezon City!

I write again, in the name of  homeowners, businesses, students, faculty, personnel of  Miriam College and the Ateneo de Manila, as well as all concerned citizens from Barangay Loyola Heights. Our community wants to ask you, Honorable Belmonte, about the Katipunan Footbridge that you promised us, your Loyola Heights constituency. I attach below the memorandum to all concerned stakeholders, which summarizes the status of this Quezon City project as of April 2005.  

We understand from our meeting several months ago with the City Engineer's Office that the footbridge would be going up around September.  There is, however, no sign of a bridge as of this late date. I therefore write this note of concern. We are confident you will respond graciously to our growing anxiety. 

About two months ago, we received word from the Q.C. Engineer's Office that construction would again be delayed because the design of the bridge was defective, and that the project would be bidded out again! We cannot understand how such an inefficient state of things can be allowed by City Hall.  We therefore send you, Mayor Belmonte,  another cry for HELP!  Please help us get VERY SOON that footbridge you promised us not long after your election as mayor. 

We thank you, Mayor Belmonte, for your speedy and  positive response to this letter—and for continuing to make Quezon City a winning city!

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