[Blueboard] Have you logged on this week?

Gia D. Dumo gdumo at ateneo.edu
Thu Nov 10 08:52:51 PHT 2005

Check out the latest events this week at the Ateneo! Visit our official
website:  <http://www.ateneo.edu/> http://www.ateneo.edu.


*	Chilean Jesuit Priest Alberto Hurtado Now a Saint
*	Dulaang Sibol Celebrates 50 Years with 'Ani'
*	Ateneans Bag 3rd Prize, Best Local Team in ACM ICPC
*	Admin Staff Build GK Homes
*	AGS Reading Programs Bond Kids, Books 
*	 'Sunflowers and Roadmaps' at ALIWW
*	Merry Shopping at the Eagles of Hope Christmas Bazaar

News and features from the Ateneo community are welcome! To send
materials, <mailto:gdumo at ateneo.edu> or <mailto:maraneta at ateneo.edu>.

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