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28 July 2005 

Dear SLB friends,

Many have asked for some sort of a timeline of recent events related to 
the crisis our nation is in. Here's what we have compiled. Hope this 
helps. God bless us all.

*_Timeline of Events Regarding Gloriagate, Juetenggate_*

(sources: abs-cbnnews.com, newsbreak, simbahang lingkod ng bayan)

*May 30* - Philippine senators open hearings into opposition allegations 
that Arroyo's husband and other relatives took payoffs from gambling 
syndicates. Archbishop Oscar V Cruz presents self-confessed jueteng lord 
Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor to the Senate. Mayor accuses presidential son Mikey 
Arroyo of collecting jueteng money.

*June 4* - Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye tells the media the opposition 
is plotting to release an audio recording of conversations between 
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Elections Commissioner Virgilio 

*June 6* - Media air allegations that Arroyo pressured nation's election 
commissioner during tight 2004 presidential vote count, cite audio tape 
of purported phone call.

            - Bunye plays two conversation recordings to Palace 
reporters, acknowledging that one of the voices belongs to the President.

            - Richard Garcia, a self-confessed jueteng bagman, 
corroborates Mayor's testimony in the Senate.

*June 7* - Opposition lawyer Alan Paguia releases a shortened version of 
the three-hour conversations purportedly between the President, 
Garcillano, and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo, among others.

            - Garcillano denies that it is his voice on the tape.

*June 8* - Malacañang relieves Brig Gen Marlu Quevedo, chief of the 
Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP), 
after the ISAFP comes under suspicion in the wiretapping scandal. (But 
he still continues to hold the post.)

            - Rep Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo's aide, Edgardo Ruado, claims 
the "Gary" in the recording sounds like him.

*June 9* - Bunye withdraws earlier statement that it's the President's 
voice in the recording

            - Sandra Cam appears in the Senate, saying she personally 
delivered jueteng money to President Arroyo's son Rep Mikey Arroyo and 
brother-in-law Rep Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo.

*June 10* - Samuel Ong, former deputy director of the National Bureau of 
Investigation (NBI), comes out with the "mother of all tapes," pointing 
to ISAFP as the source. He takes sanctuary at the San Carlos Seminary.

              - Sen Panfilo Lacson says an Australian voice 
identification firm has certified the recordings as authentic.

*June 11* - Susan Roces visits Ong in the San Carlos Seminary

*June 13* - ISAFP agent T/Sgt Vidal doble's wife says Ong was detaining 
her husband in the seminary. Ong tells the media Doble gave him the 
recordings then leaves the seminary.

*June 14* - Sen Francisco Tatad claims a US firm has confirmed Arroyo's 
voice in the recording.

*June 15* - NBI files sedition charges against Ong.

*June 16* - Sen Franklin Drilon calls for the President to break her 
silence on the voice recordings.

*June 17 - *Doble says that, according to Ong, President Estrada's 
mistress, Laarni Enriquez, was the source of the PhP2 million that Ong 
gave to him.

*June 21* - Lawmakers open probe into allegations that Arroyo tried to 
sway 2004 election result, veracity of audio tape.

*June 22* - Vice President Noli de Castro meets with former President 
Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

*June 27 - *PGMA's unprecedented  act of public contrition, aired 
nationwide on television in which she admitted that it was she who was 
talking in wiretapped phone conversations with a high COMELEC official.

*June 28 - **PCIJ reports on Cabinet Doves*

*June 29* - Arroyo says her scandal-prone husband has agreed to leave 
the country.

              - Susan Roces condemns the President for stealing the 

*June 30* - House of Representatives plays Alan Paguia's tape.

              - Former President Corazon Aquino rejects the option of 
another "People Power"

*July 1 -* Supreme Court grants the petition of some opposition figures 
for a temporary injunction stopping the implementation of Republic  Act 
9337 (the Expanded Value Added Tax [EVAT]), which had been signed into 
law on 24 May 2005 and whose implementing rules and regulations were 
released on 27 June 2005.

*- **Opposition leads a rally on **Ayala Avenue** in **Makati***

*- SWS Metro **Manila** survey shows majority believe PGMA told COMELEC 
official to cheat.*

*July 4* - Legal threats to Arroyo's economic reforms including key tax 
package hit peso and stocks.

*July 6 - *Former President Corazon C. Aquino and four bishops visit 
PGMA in Malacañang and urge her to resign

*July 7 - *PGMA makes an important public announcement

           - she says she is not resigning

           - she announces a Cabinet revamp

           - Vice President de Castro cuts short overseas holiday after 
Arroyo summons him to meeting.

*July 8* - Sacked ministers call on Arroyo to quit.

           - Manila is put on highest alert level, army and police say.

           - Army says it will not intervene in political crisis.

           - Former President Corazon C. Aquino calls on PGMA to resign

           - Makati Business Club calls on PGMA to resign

           - Liberal Party asks PGMA to resign

           - Former President Fidel V. Ramos visits Malacañan and 
manifests support for PGMA

*July 9 -* The Association of Major Religious Superiors in the 
Philippines (AMRSP) issues a call for PGMA to resign

*July 10 -  *The Catholic Bishops´ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) 
issues a statement ("Restoring Trust: A Plea for Moral Values in 
Philippine Politics"), which takes off from moral principles and a clear 
statement on the socio-pastoral role of the Church, and on this basis 
does not demand that PGMA resign, but in effect calls her to 
accountability and recognizes the compatibility with the Gospel of such 
means of accountability as nonviolent appeals for her resignation, the 
demand for a Truth Commission, and the filing of an impeachment case.

*July 12* - International rating agencies Standard & Poor's and Fitch 
Ratings said separately that their outlook downgrade of the Philippines 
reflected prevailing political uncertainty.  Both Fitch and S&P 
reportedly cited the suspension of the EVAT law implementation and 
political uncertainty as basis for their downgrades.

            - SC gives former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima 5 days to 
present counter-reasons on why he should not be charged with contempt of 

            -  Opposition lawmakers on Tuesday said they will revise an 
existing impeachment complaint filed by lawyer Oliver Lozano instead of 
filing a separate impeachment charge at the House of Representatives. 
San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora said opposition congressmen are also eyeing 
taking control of the impeachment complaint after it was endorsed by 
Alagad party-list Rep. Rodante Marcoleta."

*July 13* - 30,000 to 35,000 according to PNP, 40,000 according to 
Inquirer, 70,000 according to Rep. Paras joined the rally in Makati. 
seeking PGMA's and VP Noli de Castro's resignation

*July 14* - Gov Chavit Singson, released to media a CD containing 
wiretapped conversations allegedly between former President Joseph 
"Erap" Estrada and several other persons, including former AFP Chief of 
Staff Gen Joselin Nazareno. Plans to assassinate "pandak" (believed to 
be PGMA) and "tanda" (could either be FVR or Gen Abat) could also be 
heard from the tape.

*July 18 - *Purisima apologizes to SC. In a four-page statement, he 
denied that he hinted Malacañang had a hand in pressuring the Supreme 
Court to suspend the unpopular EVAT

*July 19 *-  Pulse Asia releases latest survey showing that 8 out of 10 
Filipinos want PGMA out.

             - President Arroyo on Tuesday repeated that she won't step 
down and announced the creation of a Truth Commission to look into 
vote-rigging allegations against her.

*July 21 - *Impeachment complaint filed vs VP De Castro by lawyer Elly 
Velez Lao Pamatong, saying the VP committed betrayal of public trust and 
culpable violation of the Constitution when he failed to fix a community 
tax certificate to his certificate of candidacy during the last 
elections and did not have it sworn before a notary public as required 
by law.

             - A group of young officers who nearly ousted President 
Corazon Aquino in a 1989 coup attempt announced in a three-page 
statement it was breaking a 10-year-old peace agreement to try and bring 
down President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and save the country.

*July 22* - Sen Ping Lacson holds "true state of the nation address" or 
TSONA at the Manila Hotel. He says that Mrs Arroyo personally supervised 
the cheating in the last elections.

*July 25 *- PGMA delivers short State of the Nation Address (SONA). She 
asks legislators to start the "great debate on Charter Change."

            - Opposition lawmakers files an impeachment complaint 
against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, accusing her of election 
fraud and corruption, but failed to garner the 79 votes needed to 
immediately send the case to the Senate for trial. Only 42 congressmen 

            - Biggest anti-Arroyo rally so far. Organizers say 80,000 
came, police estimates the number at 35,000, Inquirer sees between 
40,000 to 60,000.

*July 26 *- Impeachment complaint versus COMELEC commissioners by lawyer 
Elly Velez Lao Pamatong and former Ilocos Sur Governor Antonio 
Villanueva for alleged "culpable violation of the Constitution and 
betrayal of public trust," when they were branded "nuisance candidates" 
in the last presidential elections.

*July 27 - *Sandra Cam holds press conference and discloses that she has 
information about a summoning of COMELEC regional directors before the 
2004 elections to meet PGMA in a hotel, where they were also allegedly 
given PhP 2 million each by Lilia Pineda, wife of suspected jueteng lord 
Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda.

*July 28 *- Presidential Management Staff chief Rigoberto Tiglao said it 
is inappropriate for the President to commit herself to any term cut 
because of the legal ramifications.








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