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(Wednesday - 20 July 2005)


SECURITY:  Mila O. Gonzales was caught in the act of stealing the cellular phone of a parent of a prep student at 8:30 a.m. last Saturday, 9 July.  The suspect was brought to PNP Station 9 where she was detained.  However, the victim did not file charges against her and she was released.  Her picture is being published now because of reports that she was seen on campus again.  The community is requested to notify security immediately if she is seen on campus.

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MILA ORILLO GONZALES, 40 years old, jobless, resident of resident of 114 C. Dela Paz, Caniogan, Pasig City and cellular phone taken by the suspect from the parent.



Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/200705.htm

JOMER BULFA ABUSO, 25 years old resident of 54 Melchor Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City driver of white tricycle with body no. 162 (LHTODA).


Mr. Jomer B. Abuso found last Tuesday afternoon 19 July a wallet in his tricycle containing P1,000 pesos cash, ATM and credit cards, and other documents.  He returned the wallet with all its contents to campus security, who returned it to the owner on the afternoon of 20 July.  He is commended for his honestly.  


PARKING:  The number of cars left unlocked in carparks near the college complex is increasing:


North Car Park

Monday 11 July                                   

1.  XTA185 Honda Accord                  G-0804            All doors unlocked


Wednesday 13 July

1.  XKW257 Nissan Sentra                 G-3914            All doors unlocked

2.  UMD131 Toyota Corolla                 G-6450            Right front door

3.  UGW809 Honda Civic                    G-7101            Right front door

4.  UFU433   Honda                            G-1692            All doors


Thursday 14 July  
1.  RCP112   Mitsubishi Pajero           G-6210            All doors

2.  UJA340   Mitsubishi Lancer           G-2305            Driver side


Friday 15 July

1.  WFT191 Ford Lynx                        G-1020            All doors unlocked

2.  WGL687 Mazda                             G-5103            Right front door 


Saturday 16 July

1.  URZ854 Honda Civic                     G-6626            Left rear door 


Monday 18 July

1.  WHV622 Toyota Corolla                G-7013            Right rear door

2.  ECG168 Honda Civic                     G-3646            Right rear door


Tuesday 19 July 

1.  WMX144  Nissan Exalta                G-2778            Left rear door

2.  WEY629   Honda Civic                  G-5732            Back compartment (defective)


Central Car Park

Wednesday 13 July 

1.  UMF628 Honda Civic                     G-6949            Right rear door


Thursday 14 July

1.  TSY799 Toyota                              G-2359            Driver's door

2.   XKW257 Nissan                           G-7412            Driver's door

3.   WBW403                                      G-3605            Right front door


Friday 15 July

1.  UNT256 Mercedez MB 100            No Sticker       Right rear door

2.  URZ854 Honda Civic                     G-6626            Left rear door

3.  TET651 Toyota Corolla                  G-0810            Both rear doors 


Saturday 16 July

1.  TKY795 Toyota Corolla                  G-6305            Left rear door

2.  WJE297 Honda Civic                     G-7064            Right front door


Monday 18 July

1.  XMR941 Honda City                       G-1599            Right rear door

2.  UPA191  Mitsubishi Lancer            G-7457            All doors 

3.  UJM555  Honda Civic                     G-2000            Left rear door

4.  RCV473  Mitsubishi Pajero            G-3059            Right rear door

5.  TNP242 Toyota FX                        G-5363            Right front door

6.  WNC583  Toyota Corolla               G-6234            Right front door


Tuesday 19 July

1.  UJL435 Toyota                               G-4933            Right rear door

2.  UNB978 Honda                              G-1376             Right rear door


Upper East Car Park


Friday 15 July

1.  WLR718 Nissan Sentra                 G-6085            All doors

2.  YAX808 Suzuki                               G-2228            All doors


Monday 18 July

1.   WBB692  Mazda                           G-4896            Left rear door

2.   UMS710 Mitsubishi Galant            G-0523            Right front door


There is reason to be alarmed.  This matter will be taken up with the Loyola Schools administration for appropriate action.


TRAFFIC:  In June, there were twelve vehicular accidents on campus and two along Katipunan for the month of June.  For July, 16 vehicular accidents have already occurred on campus and four along Katipunan, including a fatal accident resulting in the death of a young student early Saturday morning, 16 July.  The community is encouraged to drive defensively and observe road courtesy to avoid accidents.     

Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/200705.htm

Pictures above show a Toyota van at the Parade Loop - University Road junction near the pedestrian lane.  The driver intended to make a left turn but lost control of the vehicle and hit the lamppost instead.  Fortunately, there were no students in the area.  The lamppost is now being repaired.  

Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/200705.htm


The accident in the early morning of Saturday, 16 July was well covered in the media.  A sixteen-year-old boy was killed (picture on the right) when a speeding vehicle from the flyover hit their parked car.  The section from the flyover and the pedestrian footbridge is dangerous because the northbound lane narrows down from five to three lanes.   

The plastic barriers outside of Gate 3.5 float during flash floods.  Vehicles have also damaged them.  To ensure adequate space for the egress for Ateneo vehicles, Ateneo has installed its own barriers.

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MAINTENANCE:  The Loyola Heights campus is one of the few remaining sanctuaries for wildlife in Metro Manila.  Shown below are rescued animals.

Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/200705.htm


The lizard (bayawak) shown above was seen under a van in the Bellarmine Hall carpark.  The driver of the van asked University Physical Plant personnel to remove the lizard.  The lizard is now in the care of the Biology Department.

 Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/200705.htm


The constrictor (Sawa) on the left was found in the lobby of Irwin Theatre last 27 June.  The constrictor on the right picture was found in the umbrella rack of the Church of the Gesu last 13 July.  Both were found by the guards at night.  These snakes are harmless.  The community is reminded that wildlife is protected in the Ateneo campus.   



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