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*Newsbriefs 20 July Afternoon
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan*

*Propoor reforms bared *(manilastandardonline.com)**

"The President yesterday came up with a list of urgent propoor measures 
designed to enable her to recover lost ground and win back estranged 
supporters and friends...

"I intend to win the people's trust with good governance and urgent 
reforms," the President said at the 107th founding anniversary 
celebration of the Department of Foreign Affairs at the Rizal Hall in 

The propoor measures identified by the President included energizing all 
barangays, potable water for every town and village, cheaper medicine, 
assistance to college students enrolled under troubled preneed education 
plans, and state-subsidized health insurance coverage for indigents."

*Opposition mulls charges vs Garcillano* (abs-cbnnews.com)

"Lawyer Liwayway Vinzons-Chato said the political opposition might file 
charges against former election official Virgilio Garcillano, who went 
into hiding after the "Gloriagate" tapes surfaced last month, to force 
him to come out.

Vinzons-Chato, counsel of former National Bureau of Investigation deputy 
chief Samuel Ong, said the only way to compel Garcillano to surface is 
to file charges against him and "make him a fugitive" from law...

The contents of the tape are being studied to determine what case can be 
filed against Garcillano, she said, adding that it should be the 
government that should file charges against him.

If a case is filed and the former Commission on Elections official fails 
to show up during preliminary hearings, Vinzons-Chato said the 
opposition can request for a hold departure order against Garcillano 
before the Bureau of Immigration."

*Heritage think tank says US should not take sides in RP crisis 

"WASHINGTON -- The United States should be strictly nonpartisan in the 
current political crisis in the Philippines, the influential think tank 
Heritage Foundation said.
Senior policy analyst Dana Dillon, in an article entitled "Crisis in the 
Philippines: What does it mean for the US?" said whether President 
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stays or goes, efforts to encourage economic 
development and fight the war on terrorism in the Philippines are 

"The United States has long been devoted to promoting both of these 
agendas, but Filipinos will view any American involvement in the current 
political crisis as meddling.
Therefore, US efforts to help should advance the process without 
crossing the boundaries of Philippine sovereignty, responsibility and 
leadership," Dillon said.

He said Manila's "descent into political chaos" triggered by opposition 
allegations that Arroyo cheated her way to victory and close members of 
her family were involved in a gambling racket, presented the United 
States with three major concerns:

. The war on terrorism will continue to take a back seat to the 
political mess in Manila.
. Economic development and reform and trade expansion will be delayed as 

   focus on Manila politics; and
. Chinese influence will continue to expand while Arroyo fights for her 
political life."

*Stocks up 55.16 pts, peso at 55.934:$ mid-day  *(abs-cbnnews.com)*
"Share prices rose 2.9192 percent Wednesday, with the main index adding 
55.16 points to 1,944.71.  Except for the mining index, which retreated, 
all other sectorial indicators advanced. Gainers outnumbered losers, 57 
to 16, while 35 issues were unchanged. Value turnover was pegged at 
P1.192 billion.

Traders said investors are taking positions in stocks that are expected 
to report robust earnings in the first half.

Ismael Cruz, a veteran stockbroker, however, said investors are wary of 
positioning for the long-term due to political uncertainties."




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