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*Newsbriefs 20 July Morning
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan*

*Illegal, say legal eagles; diversionary, say critics* (Inquirer)

AN AFFRONT to the Constitution and a political ploy were how legal 
stalwarts and opposition leaders called President Gloria 
Macapagal-Arroyo's decision to set up a commission that would 
investigate allegations that she cheated in the 2004 election.

"If there'd be any investigation into electoral fraud, the proper venue 
for that would still be the Presidential Electoral Tribunal and the 
impeachment court," Father Joaquin Bernas, one of the framers of the 
1987 Constitution, told the Inquirer.

"Any parallel investigation would be an attempt to subvert the 

Bernas, one of the legal experts whom the House of Representatives 
consulted about the admissibility of the "Hello, Garci" tapes as 
evidence in its investigation of electoral fraud, added: "There is a 
Constitution and there are institutions [tasked to undertake certain 

"I don't know what truth is it about [that they'd be looking into]," 
Bernas said.

*8 out of 10 Filipinos want Arroyo out, says Pulse **Asia** poll 

*WHETHER by resignation or impeachment or unconstitutional means, nearly 
8 out of 10 Filipinos want President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo banished 
from Malacañang even before she completes her six-year term. This was 
the result of a nationwide survey conducted by the independent polling 
firm Pulse Asia Inc. from June 20 to 23, disputing Malacañang's claim 
that the views of respondents in Metro Manila differ sharply from those 
of the rest of the country.  Some 1,200 respondents took part in the 
nationwide survey.

"The survey findings indicate that Metro Manilans generally reflect the 
sentiments of the rest of the country insofar as the continuation of the 
Arroyo administration until 2010 is concerned, but not in the choice of 
the country's leaders," Pulse Asia executive director Ana Maria L. 
Tabunda said in a statement.

A survey conducted by Pulse Asia on July 2-8 (300 respondents) found 
that 72 percent of residents in Metro Manila distrusted Ms Arroyo and 
that 58 percent wanted her to resign.

"Probes into Metro Manilans' views regarding the best and worst 
political scenarios for the country reveal very little support for the 
incumbent administration," Tabunda said.

The Pulse Asia Inc. survey conducted nationwide showed that Filipinos 
considered the President's stay in office (22 percent) the "most 
destructive political scenario," similar to a coup d'état (22 percent) 
in which a group of military and police officials choose the group that 
will govern.

Twenty percent considered a coup and a military junta a "destructive 
political scenario."

Only 17 percent said an impeachment of Ms Arroyo and her replacement by 
Vice President Noli de Castro was destructive.

For 30 percent of Filipinos, De Castro is the best person to lead the 
country, followed by deposed President Joseph Estrada (19 percent) and 
Senator Panfilo Lacson (16 percent).

The President remained a poor fourth with 8 percent.

In Metro Manila, residents not only wanted the President out but they 
chose three others -- Lacson (36 percent), De Castro (15 percent), and 
Estrada (8 percent) ahead of her (7 percent) as the best person to lead 
the country.

Interestingly, Susan Roces, who has shunned calls for her to join 
politics, was chosen by 7 percent, the same figure as that of the 
President, as the best person to lead the country.

Tabunda noted that the choice of best leader was the only significant 
difference between the July survey in Metro Manila and the June 
nationwide survey.

In Metro Manila, the President (25 percent) emerged on top of the list 
of public figures unacceptable to lead the country ahead of retired Army 
chief Fortunato Abat (17 percent), De Castro (12 percent), Supreme Court 
Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. (12 percent), Estrada (9 percent), 
Roces (6 percent) and Lacson (5 percent).

Nationwide, Ms Arroyo (53 percent) ranked No. 1 on the list of the most 
unacceptable leader for the country ahead of former President Fidel V. 
Ramos (25 percent), evangelist Brother Eddie Villanueva (23 percent), 
Roces (23 percent) and De Castro (23 percent).

Tabunda noted that the June nationwide survey had similar results for 
the same question as Ms Arroyo, Ramos and Villanueva emerged the top 
three most unacceptable leaders.

To further refute Malacañang's claim of divergent results between 
surveys in Metro Manila and the provinces, Tabunda said the June 
nationwide survey showed no evidence of an urban-rural divide in which 
performance and trust ratings of Ms Arroyo and opinion on her continuing 
to serve as president of the country are concerned.

Despite the political and economic problems, 67 percent of the people in 
Metro Manila believe that there is hope for the Philippines. Only 17 
percent have given up hope on the country, according to Pulse Asia.

In addition, 74 percent of Metro Manilans believe that it is not 
necessary to impose martial law in the country. Eighteen percent are in 
favor of martial rule.

*AFP cuffs emerging leaders of coup *(abs-cbnnews)*
A military-led takeover is unlikely to succeed because the Armed Forces 
of the Philippines has moved against officers it considers likely coup 

The Armed Forces deputy chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan, said 
the military leadership has taken steps against those who have defied 
the chain of command.

"We've already relieved those officers who have issued statements 
against the institution, and sanction awaits those who are planning to 
do the same," Adan said at a roundtable with reporters and editors of 
The Manila Times.

He assured the nation that the Armed Forces is doing everything to 
discourage military "adventurism" and is continuously sending messages 
to all its men to follow the Constitution. Adan said the military has 
learned its lesson from the two people-power revolts in 1986 and 2001 
where the military took sides.




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