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July 13 Morning
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan*

*U.S.** crude oil prices go down*

For the third straight day, U.S. Crude Oil price posted a decline of 
$0.71 to close at $58.92 per barrel, the lowest since 01 July 2005. 
Earlier fears that hurricane Dennis will disrupt oil facilities in the 
U.S. did not materialize.

*De Villa urges 'bold' approach to change (**Manila** Times)*

"A revolutionary government run by a council is the best option if 
President Arroyo decides to resign, former Defense Secretary Renato de 
Villa said Tuesday."

He adds that he is in constant communication with the military.

*Impeach plans gain ground (abscbnnews)*

"Opposition lawmakers vowed Tuesday to gather the numbers necessary to 
impeach President Arroyo, who has defied mounting calls to step down 
over allegations of election fraud.

The complaint stems from wiretapped recordings purporting to show that 
Mrs. Arroyo and a senior election official, believed to be Commissioner 
Virgilio Garcillano, plotted to rig the May 2004 vote.

The opposition was previously reluctant to use the impeachment route, 
hoping other forms of pressure would persuade Mrs. Arroyo to quit.

Zamora said the opposition has already received "commitments" from some 
50 to 60 members of the House. "This is a figure you can build on, 
especially if you can make a substantial complaint on impeachment," he said.

At least one-third, or 79, of the 236 members of the House must vote to 
impeach the President for the case to go to the Senate for trial.

The new complaint will first go to the House Committee on Justice, which 
can block it from going to the full House.

A member of the House majority, Rep. Gilbert Remulla, said there is a 
big possibility that the President would be impeached on the day she 
delivers her address.

Remulla said the opposition needs to look for only nine more congressmen 
who would sign the impeachment complaint to complete the 79 signatures 
needed to transmit the complaint against the President to the Senate."

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