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*Newsbriefs 11 July 2005 (morning)*

*Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

*CBCP Shuns Arroyo-Quit Call (Inquirer News Service)*

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines did not demand for 
the resignation of  PGMA. It also rejected all unconstitutional methods 
of unseating the president. The CBCP also recognized the "nonviolent 
appeals for her resignation, the demand for a Truth Commission and the 
filing of an impeachment case" as not against the Gospel.

The bishops also urged the president to acknowledge appeals coming from 
the people. They reminded her "to discern deeply to what extent she 
might have contributed to the erosion of effective governance and 
whether the erosion is so severe as to be irreversible."

Ex-Cabinet Members Admit Talks With Noli (Manila Standard Online)*

Ex-Cabinet Secretaries Cesar Purisima and Florencio Abad confirmed that 
they talked with Vice President Noli de Castro in Hong Kong last week to 
convince him to join them to break away from PGMA. They mentioned that 
de Castro "was reluctant to join them although he promised to consult 
with his political advisers and allies."

AFP, PNP Form Strike Force To Stop Power Grabs (Manila** Standard Online)*

"The Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police have formed a 
contingency task force composed of at least 20,000 men to quell anarchy 
in the streets or any coup attempt by forces from the extreme left and 
the extreme right.

The joint task force is said to be on standby mode and would be 
"mobilized ASAP" if the situation in the streets becomes unbearable or 
if any armed group would come out and try to grab power."

Ramos Resents Being Called Kingmaker (Inquirer News Service)*

Former President Fidel Ramos resented being called a "kingmaker." He 
brushed aside remarks that his action on last Friday showed him as the 
de facto leader behind PGMA. He emphasized that he continues to help out 
as it is his duty as a concerned citizen and as an ex-President.

He also dismissed suggestions that he is posing to be the nation's first 
prime minister in the event the country adopts the parliamentary system.

*Follow The Constitution (**Mindanao** Times)*

"THE business sector in Mindanao has cautioned groups calling for the 
resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to follow the 
Constitution in advocating for change in leadership.

"We respect and agree with the sentiments and convictions of our 
counterparts in Manila that any change in leadership should be in 
accordance with the Constitution," said the Mindanao Business Council in 
a statement released yesterday afternoon.

The MBC, however, noted that the "political storm brewing in Manila once 
again threatens to involve and affect the economic progress and 
viability of the business sector in Mindanao."

"We have always been treated as a bystander to events unfolding in 
Manila but are made to suffer the consequences of their actions. This 
crisis has only deepened our political immaturity and has paved way for 
economic destabilization," he said".
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