[Blueboard] The Church as Trustworthy Voice and Point of Unity in Our Crisis

Sonia Araneta maraneta at ateneo.edu
Mon Jul 4 11:26:34 PHT 2005

The Church as Trustworthy Voice

 and Point of Unity in Our Crisis



            In this time of crisis and uncertainty, many are asking: 
What is the stand of the Jesuits? Over the last few weeks, Fr. 
Provincial Daniel Patrick Huang, S.J. and the Jesuit leadership have 
been meeting to assess the situation and to discern the path of truth, 
integrity, justice and peace and the path that will be for the good of 
our people, especially the poor.


            We believe that it is important, in these times of confusion 
and heated emotions, that there be a clear and trustworthy voice and a 
rallying center of unity for our people. We believe that this 
trustworthy voice and this point of unity is the Church, led by our 
Bishops. We are grateful that, in our search for solutions to the 
crisis, the Archbishop of Manila and the Bishop of Cubao have sought to 
unite us around the principles of accountability and constitutionality: 
that government should be accountable to the people; and that the 
processes to be followed in the search for truth and justice should be 
within the framework of our constitutional systems, for the sake of the 
lasting good of our institutions and country.


            We have been working with the bishops of Manila. Thus, last 
Friday, we had a Call to Prayer and First Friday Mass at the Ateneo 
Church of the Gesù. Former President Corazon C. Aquino led us in prayer 
and the concelebrated mass was led by His Excellency Honesto Ongtioco, 
D.D., Bishop of Cubao. At the homily, Fr. Provincial read the pastoral 
letter of His Excellency Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales, D.D., Archbishop 
of Manila and Bishop Ongtioco read his pastoral letter. Fr. Provincial 
expressed our commitment to the principles articulated by our bishops. 
The pastoral letters of Archbishop Rosales and Bishop Ongtioco are 
posted on our website.


            This is a time when intense discernment is needed. We need 
to discern with sobriety, prayerfulness, and astuteness the concrete 
operationalization of the principles of accountability and 
constitutionality that will best serve the country. We continue to work 
with our Church and our Bishops to discern these paths and the call that 
will lead our country out of our present crisis.


We ask you to join us in prayer and discernment. This weekend, the 
Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) will be meeting. 
Thus, we ask that this week, in all masses and prayers at the Ateneo, we 
pray for the intentions of our Bishops.


            May the Lord and our Mother guide us through these difficult 
times and, as they have in times past, may they graciously lead us to a 
path of truth, integrity, justice and peace.






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