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List of interesting articles from the Business Ethics Quarterly, January 2005,
Vol. 15 Issue 1:

1)  Transnational Corporate Social Responsibility: A Tri-Dimensional Approach to
International CSR Research. -- by: Marne L. Arthaud

2)  Does Lottery Advertising Exploit Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Markets? --
by: Mary O. Borg and Harriet A. Stranahan

3)  Democracy and Private Discretion in Business. -- by: Wim Dubbink

4)  Organizational Justice: A Behavioral Science Concept with Critical
Implications for Business Ethics and Stakeholder Theory. -- by: Larue Tone
Hosmer and Christian Kiewitz

5)  An Organizational Field Approach to Corporate Rationality: The Role of
Stakeholder Activism. -- by: Lenahan L. O'Connell and Carroll U. Stephens

6)  In Defense of a Self-Disciplined, Domain-Specific Social Contract Theory of
Business Ethics. -- by: Ben Wempe

7)  Transforming Our Students: Teaching Business Ethics Post-Enron. -- by: Daryl

8)  In Praise of Nepotism? -- by: Joanne B. Ciulla

9)  The Myth of Amoral Software Code. -- by: Richard A. Spinello

10) The Malaise of Managed Care. -- by: Mark Waymack

You can check out these articles at:

1) Rizal Library (periodical section) thru:
   a) (Journal) Business Ethics Quarterly, January 2005, Vol. 15 Issue 1 or
   b) EBSCO Host research databases (electronic resource)

2) Ateneo Professional Schools Library (Rockwell)
   a) EBSCO Host research databases (electronic resource)

You may ask the Librarian for assistance.

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