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The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Ethics Center is pleased to announce the
availability of the article from the January 2005 issue of the business ethics
quarterly entitled, "Does Lottery Advertising Exploit Disadvantaged and
Vulnerable Markets?" by Mary O. Borg and Harriet A. Stranahan.


Is it unethical to advertise lotteries? Many citizens think that states should
not be actively promoting and encouraging the public to spend hard-earned
dollars on a bet that they are virtually guaranteed to lose. Perhaps more
importantly, business ethicists are concerned that lottery advertising may be
targeting the most vulnerable markets: households with the lowest income and
education levels. If this were true, then it would increase the already
disproportionately large burden of lottery taxes on the poor. Fortunately, our
research finds no evidence to support the contention that advertising is
responsible for high rates of lottery participation and expenditures by lower
income groups or that low-income groups are more affected by advertising than
high-income groups. On the contrary, awareness of lottery advertising seems to
be associated with a higher probability to play Lotto only for the middle
income group. This means that lottery advertising may actually reduce the
regressivity of lottery taxes.

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