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The Ateneo de Manila University Press and the Jesuit Communications Foundation(www.jesuit.ph/jescom) are happy to invite you to this year's Manila International Book Fair, from August 31 to September 4, 10 am to 8 pm, at the World Trade Center (Roxas Blvd. cor Gil Puyat Ave.). Gate passes are available from the Ateneo Press office at Bellarmine Hall (unipress at admu.edu.ph or call 4265984; 4266001 ext 4612/3).
Aside from JesCom books and music, publications of the Office of Research and Publication, Institute of Philippine Culture, Institute for Church and Social Issues, and the Center for Investigative Journalism are also on sale at the booth. 
Among the Ateneo Press titles on display are the following finalists for this year's National Book Awards from the Manila Critics Circle. We are proud of their authors, contributors, translators and editors:
*For Social Science: COMMUNITIES AT THE MARGINS, edited by Germelino Bautista and Hiromitsu Umehara. With contributions from Germelino Bautista, Atsuko Hayama, Shinzo Hayase, Hiroko Nagai, Yoshiko Nagano, Koki Seki, Yoshiki Seki, Tsutomu Takigawa,
and  Hiromitsu Umehara (c2004,  6x9 inches, 326 pages, ISBN BK 971-550-464-7).

This book provides snapshots of issues in contemporary Philippine rural 
society set against the changes that transpired from the 1920s to the 1990s. Focusing on microlevel conditions in communities in Antique, Cavite, Dalaguete, Negros Occidental,
Nueva Ecija, South Cotabato, among others, the case studies reveal the 
complex interrelation of population movements, economic underdevelopment, state inefficacy, 
environmental degradation, and peoples' survival strategies.

Germelino Bautista is Professor of Economics, and Hiroko Nagai is Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University.

*For Translation: CUENTOS FILIPINOS by Jose Montero y Vidal, edited by Renan S. Prado and Lourdes C. Brillantes, and translated by Renan S. Prado, Evelyn C. Soriano, Heide V. Aquino and Shirley R. Torres (c 2004,  5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches 296 pages, ISBN BK 971-92296-5-9).

CUENTOS FILIPINOS is a collection of nine short stories, originally written in Spanish, portraying the life and times in nineteenth-century Philippines. The colorful and graphic vignettes describing the customs and traditions of our people come alive, as characters weave in and out of a historically and culturally documented milieu. The author, Jose Montero y Vidal, was a distinguished historian of the Spanish era. 
Renan Prado is Assistant Professor, Lourdes Brillantes is part-time lecturer, Evelyn Soriano is  Associate Professor, and Heide Aquino is Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University.

*For Cultural Criticism: FANTASY PRODUCTION: Sexual Economies and Other Philippine Consequences for the New World Order by Neferti Xina M. Tadiar (c2004, 6 x 9 inches,  366 pages, ISBN BK 971-550-466-3).

Taking an innovative, postcolonial, feminist perspective on transformations in the Philippine nation in the context of globalization, FANTASY PRDDUCTION provides a 
theoretical framework for understanding the nationalist and postcolonial capitalist logics 
shaping the actions of the Philippines as a nation-state. Tadiar looks at the mass migration on overseas workers, the "prostitution economy," urban restructuring, the popular revolt toppling Marcos, as well as various books of art, historiography and film.
Neferti Tadiar is Associate Professor  at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

*For Literary Criticism: ON THE SUBJECT OF THE NATION: Filipino Writings from the Margins, 1981 to 2004 by Caroline S. Hau (c2004, 6x9 inches, 342 pages, ISBN BK 971-550-471-X).

In light of two historical developments that have shaped Philippine experience since martial law--revolution and migration--this book examines the critical interfaces between the personal and political in Bai Ren's fictional autobiography about the education of Filipino-Chinese sojourners, Robert Francis Gracia's firsthand account of the Communist purges, Cesar Lacara's memoirs of a veteran revolutionary, Zelda Soariano's feminist narratives, Peter Bacho's novelistic dissection of Filipino-American identity crisis, and Rey Ventura's ethnography of illegal migrant workers in Japan.
Caroline S. Hau is Associate Professor at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University.

Our congratulations to the finalists! Winners will be announced on September 4, 2005, at the book fair.
Thank you. Happy browsing and bookshopping! 

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