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I have come into the world as a light, so that no-one who

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Global Pentecostalism and Filipino Charismatic Christianity:

Social Science Perspectives


16 September 2005


Conference Marking the 45th Anniversary of the

Institute of Philippine Culture, Ateneo de Manila University

Day 2


The recent growth of Pentecostal churches and Charismatic movements in Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world has been phenomenal. It has made Christianity a religion of the South and truly global. In the Philippines various streams and currents have flourished. Outstanding examples are the Catholic El Shaddai movement and the Evangelical Jesus-is-Lord Church, both with a nationwide and global followership.


A growing social science literature seeks to analyze this social fact. This includes the works of David Martin on Latin America, Tongues of Fire (Blackwell, 1990), and on worldwide trends, Pentecostalism: The World Their Parish (Blackwell, 2002), and of Philip Jenkins, The Next Christendom (Oxford, 2002). These studies highlight a universal pattern in which a personal experience of God is emphasized, the Bible central, and the Holy Spirit most prominent. But marked variations emerge as the movement and its various streams get rooted in different parts of the world.


In the Philippines this phenomenon is little understood. This conference brings together social scientists who have undertaken studies in this field to discuss key research findings and explore answers to questions such as:


What are the distinctive elements of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity in the Philippines? How are these related to modernity and societal change? What are their social, cultural, economic, and political implications? How is change at the individual level, as an expression of agency, related to the restructuring of the state, economy, and society? How can social scientists come to grips with the reconstitution of self as evinced by testimonies of personal conversion? What methods of social research are appropriate for beliefs to be studied on the terms of the believer rather than the analyst?


Among the paper presenters are:

Dr. Grace Jamon, University of the Philippines

Dr. Christl Kessler, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute

Ms. Oona Paredes, PhD cand., Arizona State University

Dr. Joseph Suico, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary

Dr. Katharine Wiegele, Northern Illinois University

The IPC will also present a paper.


Registration fee: P300 for students; P500 for all others. Fee covers lunch, snacks, and copies of the presentations. Deadline for registration is Monday, 12 September 2005. Time and venue to be announced later.


For details on this conference and Day 1 events of the IPC's 45th anniversary, please call (632) 426-6067, local 100 (Faith Arce) or 122 (Cecille Bartolome), or consult www.ipc-ateneo.org for details.
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