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(Monday - 15 August 2005)


PARKING:  The following cars were found unlocked from 8 to 13 August 2005: 
North Car Park
PLATE NR.                 STICKER        STATUS                      NAME                          YR/COURSE
Monday 8 Aug.
1. URT200 Lancer      G-1099            Right/Left front doors  Amica Paulino             2 - BS LM
2. XEJ549 CRV           G-5489            All doors                      Bernice So                  4 - BS MIS
3. TCJ592                   G-6262            Right front door           Arthur Manzanilla         2 - BS MIS
Tuesday 9 Aug.
1. TNN835 Mit             G-5807            Right front door           Anna Dimerin              3 - BS MGT    
2. TFK854 Toyota       G-1868            Right back door           Christoper Machuca   4 - AB PSY     
3. UUV838 Honda       G-0940            Right front door           Abraham Magbanga    2 - AB EO
4. UJE602 Honda        G-2188            Left back door             Vincent Liwanag          3 - COM SCI   
Wednesday 10 Aug
1. ULX372 Honda        G-5446            Right front door           Winston Tan               3 BS MGT
2. RAL515 Mit              G-2211            All doors                      Joseph Badua             4 - AB SOS    
Thursday 11 Aug.
1. UNV714 Toyota       G-5279            All doors                      Matthew Estrada         2 - AB MEC
2. RCD112 Pajero      G-6210            Left/Right front doors  Vicente Tanseco III      3 - BS MIS
Friday 12 Aug.
1. XCE902 Honda       G-1273            All doors                      Paolo Manaog             4 - AB EU
2. UGW138 Honda      G-4681            Left front door              Esmaquel Paterno     2 AB COM
Saturday 13 Aug.
1. UUE 786 Honda      G-5561            Left back                     Beverly Marquez         4 - BS PSCE 
Upper East Car Park
Tuesday 9 Aug.
1. WCT458 Honda G-676                   Left back door             Nathaniel Benardino    2 - BS ECO
2. WSR442 Wrangler G-2612            Right front door           Carlo Banzon              1 - ES
Thursday 11 Aug.
1. TGG 444 Toyota     G-7281            Right front door           Michael Maramba        4 - AB PH
Bellarmine Car Park
Thursday 11 Aug.
1. UTM 853 Mazda      G-6044            All doors                      David Gonzales          4 - AB EU
This list will be forwarded to Mr. Diego E. Poblete, Jr. ASPAC President and Mr. Edward Rex Velez, ASPAC Security Committee Chairman.  ASPAC will inform the parents of this problem.  
TRAFFIC:  In celebration of the Kagawaran ng Filipino's 30th anniversary, Sagala ng mga Sikat will be celebrated on Thursday, 18 August from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.  The following roads will be closed to traffic:
Parade Loop: two lanes from the waiting shed (near University Road-Parade Loop junction) to the Parade Loop-Arrupe Road junction.
University Road:  one lane from University Road-Parade Loop junction to the University Road-Fr. Masterson Drive junction.
Fr. Masterson Drive:  one lane from University Road-Fr. Masterson Drive junction to College Lane at Gonzaga carpark.
College Lane:  from Fr. Masterson Drive junction to University Road junction will be closed to traffic.
Traffic and directional signs will be posted and additional guards will be deployed to manage the traffic.
Footbridge U-turn vehicular accident:  Around 2:45 a.m. of Saturday, 13 August three vehicles on the northbound lane of Katipunan were involved in an accident.  A Honda Civic and a Mazda hit a Pajero reportedly driven by an Ateneo student. 
Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160805.htm

The Honda and Mazda vehicles involved in the accident.
Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160805.htm
The Pajero with lights toward the vehicles that hit it from the back, forcing the vehicle to turn around. 
Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160805.htm
The three vehicles involved in the accident seen from the Ateneo campus and from the footbridge above.
One female passenger was injured and taken to East Avenue Hospital.  Later she was transferred to Medical City.  
At 4:00 a.m. friends of the victims came to assist them.  They parked their RAV4 behind the 3rd car.  Unfortunately another northbound vehicle, a Toyota Altis hit the RAV4 from behind, complicating the scene:  

Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/160805.htm
The blue RAV4 and the white Altis are shown on the right picture after the accident.
The community is advised to be careful when traversing Katipunan after midnight particularly on weekends.  There are vehicles that exceed speeds limits and intoxicated drivers who lose control of their cars.    
Tricycles:  Starting Monday, 15 August, tricycles will not be allowed to ply the northbound lane of Katipunan from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Tricycles will be allowed only on the service road of the West side of Katipunan.  There will be tricycles to serve the community within the campus.  Their terminals are located in the shed across the College Chapel, near the High School carpark, LHS Seminary Drive carpark, in the area near the pedestrian footbridge and near McBo Canteen beside Gate 1.
Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 
Situation Report of 15 August 2005 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm
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