[Blueboard] TFI-FF: Plagerism

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Fri Aug 12 14:31:05 PHT 2005

Dear Friends,

	Now that we have reached a state of relative calm and thoughtful 
vigilance, the Faculty Development Office would like to offer its first 
teacher’s skill session for this semester. In this session we will focus on the 
problem of plagerism.

	The last decade was witness to the growth of the technologies of 
information sharing and gathering. And as these technologies developed, so did 
the technologies for avoiding the pain of research. Many of our students have 
wittingly or unwittingly become plagerists because they have been drawing their 
research from the Internet and other such information sharing media. Int his 
light, Dr. Isabel Martin of the English Department would like to discuss with 
us the problem of plagerism, its causes, how it is done, how it can be detected 
and what can be done about it. 

	This session will be held at the Gonzaga Function Room A, on the 22nd 
of August 2005 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. This count as a TFI follow-up session.

	We hope to see you there!


Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, PhD
Loyola Schools Faculty Development
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