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Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Pamantasang Ateneo de Manila
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  12 August 2005
  Memo to: Loyola Schools Students
  From: Raoul Angelo Atadero (Sanggunian Internal Vice-President)
  Subject: Tricyle Ban Updates


  MMDA Apprehension of Tricycles Traversing Katipunan


  Our own campus security guards have confirmed complaints that MMDA officers have begun prohibiting tricycles from traversing Katipunan Avenue, even issuing tickets to those they apprehend. Even as we have received unconfirmed reports that these apprehensions were issued by the MMDA Chairman himself, this is contrary to what was agreed upon at the August 3 meeting at the Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) that the "trial run" for this policy will begin only this coming Monday. 


  As of this afternoon, sources from the Miriam College administration have notified us that DPOS officials have met with MMDA Officials (Mr. Vergel de Dios & Col. Paje) and that they've agreed to STOP apprehending tricycle drivers for now but will resume on Monday.


  Based on past experience (i.e. the U-turn scheme implementation), it is prudent to expect that this ban will stay even after the "trial run." Thus, even as your Sanggunian still welcomes your comments/complaints on the ban and will continue forward these to the relevant authorities, we have begun coordinating with School Administration in efforts to help the university community cope with the situation. Details for the Ateneo-Katipunan Shuttle Crossing Service and the proposed Tricycle Loading/Unloading Bays follow.


  Ateneo-Katipunan Shuttle Crossing Service


  The shuttle service is still operating and may be availed of to cross Katipunan Avenue. Until further notice, the shuttle is still FREE OF CHARGE.


  Please remember that: 
    a.. Only passengers with VALID ATENEO IDs will be allowed to avail of the service, and 
    b.. Drop-off and pick-up will be ONLY be at the designated stops. 

  The drop-off and pick-up route of the shuttle service is as follows:

    a.. Xavier Hall Lobby 
    b.. The Barn 
    c.. PACES Building (beside KFC building) 
    d.. Pan De Manila 
    e.. Gate 1 (Covered Walk) from 7-9am ONLY 
    f.. Security Office Waiting Shed (Beside Blue Eagle Gym, Near Gate 2) 
    g.. Manila Observatory 
    h.. Cervini/Eliazo Waiting Shed 

  To see a map of these locations, please go to:



  Tricycle Service WITHIN Campus


  The Tricycle Operators and Drivers' Associations -Loyola Heights and Loyola Pansol - have made a commitment to provide services inside campus (given that the tricycle ban disallows them from leaving the campus until evening). No additional restrictions will be imposed on tricycle loading/unloading UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. All are just requested not to block the flow of traffic in campus.


  For the long-term orderly loading/unloading of tricycles, however, it has been proposed to construct tricycle loading/unloading bays (not terminals) in strategic areas in campus where commuters usually get into/get off tricycles. We request members of the community to suggest possible areas for these bays. For instance, the area near the boom at the College Lane (between Rizal Library and Social Sciences Bldg.) has been noted as a high-traffic area.


  Some Suggested Commuting Routes


    a.. Get off jeepney at National Bookstore, cross footbridge, take tricycle inside campus. 
    b.. Get off jeepney at terminal under flyover, walk to Gate 1 (7am-9am) or Security Office Shed and ride shuttle service. 
  WE Want To Hear From YOU!
  As always, we value your concerns, complaints, and suggestions on this matter as we want to forward these sentiments to the Quezon City government. Please feel free to contact us at 426-6001 loc. 5055, 0918-5057594, ascc at atenista.net, or pay us a visit at the first floor of the Mateo Ricci Hall.

  Noted by:


  Philip Francisco Dy



  Service Second to None. This is YOUR Sanggunian.
   Angelo Atadero | Internal Vice-President
  Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Pamantasang Ateneo de Manila
  0917-7962935 | 920-5733 | anjatadero at gmail.com


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