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*Newsbriefs 11 August Morning
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan*

*Zamboanga** **City** rocked by blasts *(inq7.net)*

TWO powerful explosions ripped through Zamboanga City in the southern 
Philippines Wednesday leaving at least 24 wounded, GMA Network's radio 
station dzBB reported.

The first explosion tore through a passenger mini-bus and a motorcycle 
parked at a waiting station on Campaner Street at around 7:15 p.m. on 
Wednesday, wounding 11 people. The explosion also damaged nearby houses, 
according to Brigadier General Benjamin Dolorfino, Joint Task Force Hope 

A second blast ripped through Ann's Pension House on the city's downtown 
Climaco Avenue at 8:03 p.m., blacking out that area of the city. 
Thirteen persons were wounded in the second blast.

The pension house, which occupies the same building as the Chowking 
fastfood restaurant, is some 20 meters from the local police station. 
The restaurant was also damaged.

There were initial reports of a third explosion, but the Mindanao bureau 
of the Philippine Daily Inquirer said these reports stemmed from an 
unexploded bomb that was found in the pension house.

Two of the 24 wounded remain in critical condition at the Zamboanga 
General Hospital, dzBB radio told INQ7.net. Fifteen were sent home after 

*Ex-CBCP head wants jueteng probe stopped *(Manila Times)*

*Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo of Cotabato, also the former Catholic 
Bishops Conference of the Philippines president, on Wednesday called for 
a stop on the Senate hearings on jueteng to give way to an impeachment 
process anchored on the "moral values of truth, justice and the common 

Quevedo said his proposed option would lead to a satisfactory end on the 
current political situation that has fragmented the country and 
aggravated the country's political crisis.

"But only on condition that the political act of impeachment is based on 
the moral values of truth, justice and the common good," Quevedo, in a 
statement, said.

As a first step, he said, the Senate jueteng inquiry and election cases 
have to be stopped as the investigation linking members of the family of 
President Arroyo to jueteng payola has already gone beyond its primary 

"Does anyone really believe that the hearings are still in aid of 
legislation? It would seem that the hearings have become a fishing 
expedition and a trial by publicity," Quevedo said.

*Ampatuan heads for landslide victory *(inq7.net)*


COTABATO CITY-Administration candidate Zaldy Ampatuan is headed for a 
landslide victory in the race for governor of the Autonomous Region in 
Muslim Mindanao, according to partial canvassing results released by the 
Commission on Elections.

In an advisory released at noon yesterday, Comelec officials also 
proclaimed the winning members of the Regional Legislative Assembly 
(RLA) in Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur and Basilan after completing the 
canvassing of votes in the three provinces.

Unofficial results of Monday's elections in the ARMM, which is composed 
of five provinces and one city, showed Ampatuan, the Lakas-CMD 
gubernatorial candidate, and his running mate, Ansaruddin Abdulmarik 
Adiong, winning by huge margins over their rivals.

Their impending victory, however, is not without controversy. A foreign 
observer from the US Embassy in Manila claimed rampant fraud in the 

*Bishop runs out of 'jueteng' witnesses *(inq7.net)*


ARCHBISHOP Oscar Cruz yesterday said he had run out of witnesses after a 
provincial officer who executed a statement about an alleged payoff of 
poll officials at the White House in Pampanga following a meeting with 
President Macapagal-Arroyo before last year's election backed out of a 
plan to submit it as evidence.

The provincial election officer, Ferdinand Gerardo, said yesterday he 
was forced at gunpoint to write the statement in a Makati hotel in the 
presence of former Defense Secretary Renato de Villa and ex-Solicitor 
General Frank Chavez.

Last night, Chavez strongly denied the allegations.

Gerardo, an election officer of Pampanga's San Simon town, said retired 
police general Julius Yarcia offered him money and a US visa if he 
testified before a Senate inquiry on "jueteng." He said he backed out of 
the deal for fear of his life.

*Palace dismisses **Mendoza** allegations** *(inq7.net)

MALACAÑANG yesterday dismissed the testimony of Capt. Marlon Mendoza at 
the Senate "jueteng" inquiry and said it only reinforced the Palace's 
contention that there was a plot to unseat President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Mendoza's testimony "will have to be tested through other means, 
especially in light of the recantation of two jueteng witnesses," 
Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita told reporters.

He was referring to whistle-blowers Richard Garcia and Abe Riva, who 
said they had been forced by the opposition to link the First Family to 
the illegal numbers racket.


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