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                                                                                                22 July 2005





       FROM   :    THE PRESIDENT





            If we pause for a while from the intense emotions generated by the present national crisis, we will see at least two conclusions.  First, that our political leaders and our people are very divided on the options being presented.  Different options are being presented by many out of genuine concern for the national interest within the parameters of promoting accountability and constitutionality.  On the other hand, some people are seen to propose these options not for the common good, but for personal or group interests, and many Filipinos, particularly those in the provinces and the poor, do not see how these options will improve their lives. 


Second, we realize that none of these options will lead to stability and the common good if they cannot carry the consensus of a reasonable majority of our people. 


Thus there is need for us to heed the call of the CBCP statement: 


In all these we remind ourselves that a just political and moral order is best

promoted under the present circumstances by a clear and courageous preference for constitutional processes that flow from moral values and the natural law. Hence, we also appeal to the people, especially their representatives and leaders, to discern their decisions not in terms of political loyalties but in the light of the Gospel values of truth, justice and the common good. We urge our people in our parish and religious communities, our religious organizations and movements, our Basic Ecclesial Communities to come and pray together, reason, decide, and act together always to the end that the will of God prevail in the political order. People of good will and credibility who hold different political convictions should come together and dialogue in order to help move the country out of its present impasse. 


As a Catholic University, the Ateneo de Manila University will begin a process by which our community will prayerfully reflect on what we need to do given the current situation. This process of prayerful reflection is central to Ignatian spirituality, which lies at the heart of our identity as a Jesuit University. The Ateneo has prepared a Guide for Reflection on the CBCP statement for our community. If we can come together and forge a consensus among ourselves, we may help the nation forge the consensus needed towards a solution that will provide stability and be for the common good.




                                                                                BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES, S.J.


(NOTE:  This memo and the Guide for Reflection may be viewed on the Ateneo website through the following link:  http://www.ateneo.edu/news.php?office_id=1&news_id=2835.)

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