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FROM:  Esther M Pacheco
       C/O Ateneo University Press


PATIENCE TILL THE LAST! We would have expected the footbridge to be 
up by now. But a glitz intervenes. There is a defect in the bridge design, the 
City Engineer's Office says. So it had to be redesigned, and in September, the 
project is to be bidded out. This means a wait for at least another three 
months more. 

Let us hope that bridge does come up--before Christmas,and give us some 
consuelo, before the New Year begins!

The status of the project as of 6 April was contained in the update I sent, 
which I reproduce below. 

6 April 2005

TO   All Concerned
FROM Esther M Pacheco
ON   Katipunan Footbrdige

Loyola Heights Community for a footbridge at Katipuan.

To our delegation from the Loyola Heights Community (made up of representives
from the homeowner associations, Miriam, and Ateneo's ASPAC, ADSA, Physical
Plant, and the Sanggunian)who went to City Hall on Monday, 4 April,
Mayor Belmonte and QC Engineering Department OIC Cabungcal gave the
following information:

1. Since the MMDA refuses to put up another footbridge across Katipunan,the
City Mayor has taken it upon himself to respond to the Community's
request for a footbridge, which shall be funded by the city government.

2.The footbridge project is going to be bidded out this week, and the
winning bid will be known within 51 days. After that, construction will
commence and we are to expect completion within 90 days.

3.The footbridge, which follows the standard Quezon City design, is made of
metal and is not as steep as the footbridges we now have on Katipunan. It
will be like what presently stand across Commonwealth Avenue (at the AIT,
the Ever Complex,and the Sandigan). It does not have a ramp for the disabled,
which the mayor says, would make the bridge too costly.

4.From the location map shown us,the footbridge will be constructed between
Ateneo's Gate 3 and Miriam College's main gate--but more toward Miriam's.The
QC Engineering Department claims that that site appears to be the most

We suggest that
1. Ateneo's and Miriam's Physical Plant departments study the planned bridge
site and check out its suitability (QC's DPOS had earlier indicated that the
bridge would be equidistant from Ateneo's Gate 3 to Miriam College);

2.Members of the Loyola Heights community try out the QC footbridges along
Commonwealth Avenue, and post their comments. It might still be possible to
convince City Hall to make slight revisions, as needed?

THAT WE ARE FINALLY getting a footbridge is, we think, proof that citizen
proactive,assertive initiative can be effective!

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