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(Wednesday - 3 August 2005)


POWER:  Trimming of trees along the high-tension Barangka grid power lines will again be done this Sunday, 7 August during the power outage from 5:30 to 7:45 a.m.  The following units will be affected by the power outage:


1.      Loyola House of Studies

2.      Loyola School of Theology

3.      CLCI

4.      Cefam

5.      AIR, Sonolux & Garage

6.      Pollock Center, Alingal Hall & Faculty Housing

7.      Cervini and Eliazo Residence Hall

8.      High School complex

9.      Moro Lorenzo Sports Center

10.  EAPI Hostels


Pictures below show the branches that need to be trimmed as they can short circuit the Barangka grid should the branches contact the high tension cables.

Click here to view picture  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/030805.htm

PARKING:  The number of cars left unlocked in carparks near the college complex is not decreasing despite notices to the owners.  Listed below are the cars found unlocked in carparks:


North Car Park


Wednesday 20 July                Sticker No       Door Unlocked

1.  UGC 777  BMW                 G-5146            All Doors

2.  XNJ  995  Toyota  V10S     G-0747            All Doors


Thursday 21 July

1.  UHV 811 Toyota Corolla    G-0822            Right front door

2.  WMU 472  Honda Civic      G-6972            All Doors 


Friday 22 July    

1.  WFY 495  Honda Civic      G-6772            All doors

2.  PMX 646   Toyota               G-3089            Left back door

3.  RCP  112 Mit. Pajero         G-6210            All doors


Saturday 23 July

1.  XPU 142  Toyota V10S      G-2303            All doors 

2.  WAU 766 Mit Pajero           No sticker        All doors 

3.  PRN 108   Nissan              G-3716            All doors


Tuesday 26 July

1.  TBZ 387 Toyota Corolla     G-3074            Left front door     


Wednesday 27 July

1.  WJW 572  Honda City       G-6640            Left front door 

2.  TGW 864  Mit. L-300 van   G-3334            Right sliding door

3.  RCV 473  Mit Pajero          G-3059            Left front door

4.  WHA 454 Honda City         G-6166            Right side front door


Thursday 28 July

1.  WBB 692 Mazda                G-4896            All doors


Friday 30 July

1.  XTA 185 Honda Accord     G-0804            All doors

2.  WJT 457 Mit Galant           G-5866            Left front door


Central Car Park

Wednesday 20 July

1.  PTS 668 Mitsubishi            G-5139            Right front door


Thursday 21 July 

1.  EDP 505 Honda Civic        G-6221            Left back door


Friday 22 July

1.  UJL 435 Toyota Corolla     G-4933            Right back door


Saturday 22 July

1.  UJM 555 Honda Civic         G-2000            All doors

Tuesday 26 July 

1.  UNG 929 Honda City          G-1949            Right side back door 


Thursday 28 July 

1.  WDF 727 Toyota Corolla   G-3067            All doors


Upper East Car Park

Wednesday 20 July 

1.  WNB 292 Isuzu                  G-5036            Right back door

2.  XHT 263  Nissan                G-6578            Left side back door

3.  WEY 629 Honda Civic       G-5732            All doors 


Thursday 21 July

1.  PLT 922 Mazda                  G-2080            Left side back door


Tuesday 26 July

1.  WNC 583 Toyota Corolla   G-6234            Right front door


Thursday 27 July 

1.  WNB 292 Highlander         G-5036            Right back door


Friday 28 July 

1.  WBF 184 Suzuki    (2003-04) G-4451       Right front door


Lower Eat Car Park

Wednesday 20 July

1.  WPT 571 Honda City         G-6100            Left back door


Thursday 21 July

1.  WSJ 112 Mit Pajero           G-2327            Right front door

2.  UPP 355 Honda Civic        G-5750            Right front/back door


Tuesday 25 July 

1.  XGV 341 Toyota Revo       G-1434            All doors open


Bellarmine Car Park

Monday 25 July

1.  TGT 486 Mits. Lancer        G-0125            Driver's door


Gonzaga Car Park

Tuesday 26 July 

1.  WDC 542 Honda CRV       G-4880            All doors


Car owners are requested to please lock their cars after parking.  The Sanggunian and ASPAC have been requested to help remind the college community of this.  


TRAFFIC:  The UPCAT examinations will be on 6 and 7 August.  Traffic is expected to be heavy along C.P. Garcia and around UP Diliman.  


Appeal for Road Courtesy:  Traffic on campus should improve considerably if everyone observes ROAD COURTESY.  We appeal to motorists to:


1.      Drop and pick up passengers at designated areas.  Please do not block traffic.

2.      Give way to pedestrians.

3.      Park their vehicles properly so as not to block traffic.


We also ask pedestrians to use pedestrian lanes and cross the street quickly.  We request tricycle riders to board tricycles at the terminal and disembark only at designated areas.  


Loading and unloading areas on campus will be reviewed with the school units.  The corner area on University Road and College Lane and the entrance of Xavier Hall driveway have been identified as problem areas.  Tricycle loading and unloading along University Road in front of Xavier Hall also cause traffic build up during rush hours.


The problem in the Grade School complex will be addressed with the help of AGSPAC. 


Wild Life Sanctuary:  A two and a half meter long python (sawa) was caught near the Jesuit Residence Wild Life Sanctuary Saturday night, 27 July.  The snake shown below got in the bantam chicken cage of the Jesuit Residence.  Campus security got the snake and turned it over to the Biology Department for care and safekeeping.


Click here to view picture  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/030805.htm

Left:  University Physical Plant personnel assisting Biology Department technician Mr. Edwin B. Palenzuela conduct a physical examination of the "sawa".


Right:  Ms. Joanna Francesca P. Ruiz of the Academic Vice President's Office ensuring that the harmless "sawa" is properly handled and cared for.





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Situation Report of 3 August 2005 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm

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