[Blueboard] Seminar on Social Philosophy

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva mpvillanueva at ateneo.edu
Thu Apr 28 10:48:08 PHT 2005

                         The Philosophy Department
                            School of Humanities
                         Ateneo de Manila University

                     would like to invite everyone to the

                  Summer Lecture Series on Social Philosophy
                             9:00 - 12:00 nn
                            Venue: Faura AVR

May 6: Introduction to the course/Lecture Series
May 9: Dr. Manuel B. Dy, Jr., Ph.D., Gabriel Marcel on the Family
May 10: Fr. Luis S. David, S.J., Ph.D., Justice and the Law
May 11: Peter Murphy, Ph.D., A Virtual Lecture on "The Virtual Society"
May 12: Rainier A. Ibana, Ph.D., Civil Society and the Public Sphere from
the Perspective of the Principle of Solidarity: Philosophical Reflections
from Karol Wojtyla's Theory of Participation
May 13: Fr. Nemesio S. Que, S.J., Ph.D., Hannah Arendt's Social Philosophy
May 16: Tomas G. Rosario, Jr., Ph.D., "Charles Hartshorne's Social
May 17: Jovino Miroy, Ph.D., Art, Culture and Social Philosophy
May 18: Leovino Ma. Garcia, Ph.D. Paul Ricoeur's Social and Political
May19: Zosimo Lee, Ph.D., Rawls on "Overlapping Consensus and Plurality"
May 20: Angelli Tugado, Ph.D. Cand., Levinas' Social Philosophy
May 23: Agustin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Hospitality and Solidarity
May 24, Remmon Barbaza, Ph.D., Marcuse on One-Dimensional Man
May 25: Synthesis

P200 per lecture
P2,000 for the whole course

For inquiries, please call 426-6001 loc. 5360/5361.

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva
Department Secretary
Philosophy Department
Ateneo de Manila University
426-6001 loc.5360/61

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