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Kritika Kultura
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Department of English 


The Kritika Kultura Lecture Series 



The Pilipino Cultural Night and
the Narration of Contemporary Filipina/o America

4 May 2005
1:30-4:00 p.m.
Social Science AVR
Ateneo de Manila University

The questions that the Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) raises are numerous.
How does culture work? How does it change? Who is involved? What is being
said? What are the investments and consequences? The idea of "culture" "at
work" is highlighted here. The PCN affords us a chance to examine an
analytic of culture. Getting close to the PCN allows us a chance to ask
some questions about what we do with our time, to attempt to piece
together larger stories of ourselves in the United States. Some other
dimensions of these discussions also will include aspects of the debate
about subjectivities, and the writing of histories. In one instance, we
have an opportunity to examine how we come to shape meanings, bend
stories or narrations, assume stances, poses, and styles - and thus
effect a type of active subjectivity. A serious aspect of the study has
to deal with the notion of the PCN as a "straitjacket" - not only as
something which has been instrumental in the enabling of Filipino
American identities in the United States, but also that which constricts.
These critical reflections suggest how the PCN in the US West Coast raises
questions about how culture, politics, and history are related for this
young immigrant community: how the stories we tell about ourselves are
often managed, disciplined, monopolized, horded, dictated, maybe even

Theo Gonzalves is an assistant professor of American Studies at the
University of Hawaii at Manoa. He completed his PhD in Comparative
Culture at the University of California at Irvine and has taught courses
in American, ethnic and cultural studies. His work has been published in
leading academic journals such as Critical Mass, Amerasia and the Journal
of Asian American Studies. He has also served as Musical Director for the
experimental theater troupe, Tongue in A mood and was an advisory board
member to Bindlestiff Studio, a Filipino American performing arts venue
located in San Francisco. In 2005, Gonzalves was granted a U.S. Senior
Fulbright Scholar award to complete work on a manuscript on Filipino
American performing arts.

Department of English
School of Humanities
Ateneo de Manila University
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Quezon City 1108 Metro Manila

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