[Blueboard] Email congestion

Patrick J. Medina pmedina at ateneo.edu
Tue Apr 19 13:19:14 PHT 2005

Due to the ever-increasing volume of email that our
servers process, coupled with relatively aggressive
spam and anti-virus filtering, our systems began to
bog down around Saturday afternoon (April 16).  Mail
services were fully restored last night (April 18)
after the system was forcibly made to deliver about
19,000 email messages in its queue.

We are in the process of making revisions and
upgrades to the system to minimize the risk of
another glitch.  At the same time, all users are
reminded of the email guidelines which can be
browsed online at:


Please be reminded also that while we have spam
and virus filtering, these can NEVER be perfect.
So some spam or email viruses may still get through,
and conversely, some genuine emails may be
incorrectly marked as spam or rejected as infected.
This is the reason why we only mark suspect messages
as spam rather than delete them outright.

Thank you.

Patrick J. Medina
Network Manager
Campus Network Group
Ateneo de Manila University

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