[Blueboard] Seminar on laser chemistry

Nina Rosario L. Rojas, Ph.D. nrojas at ateneo.edu
Sat Apr 16 16:10:32 PHT 2005

The Chemistry Department invites members of the community to the second
lecture in the

Chemistry Department Seminar Series
Summer Term 2005

Why Is Laser-Induced Vibrational-Mode Selective Chemistry Difficult,
If Not Impossible?
By:  Nikko P. Quevada, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, De La Salle University-Manila
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Chicago

21 April 2005
5:30 p.m.
Schmitt Hall CH 109

An introduction to laser spectroscopy will be given during the talk, which
will feature the study:


The dissociation dynamics in a supersonic free jet of van der Waals
clusters formed by 3-amino-s-tetrazine and various complexing partners
such as methane, ethane, nitrogen, methanol, and ethanol were
investigated.  Various ring vibrational motions of the clusters were
individually excited using lasers, and the corresponding rates of
bond-breaking of the van der Waals bond were calculated to determine
whether the nature of the initially-excited vibrational mode exerts a
major influence on the rate of breaking of the van der Waals bond.

The results show that the rate of bond-breaking of the van der Waals bond
is determined largely by the cluster vibrational and rotational density
of states.  Unlike the argon clusters of aminotetrazine, the nature of
the initially excited aminotetrazine vibrational ring mode does not play
any major role in the dissociation dynamics of aminotetrazine clusters
such as those formed with methane and ethane.  Also, when the excitation
of a certain aminotetraze cluster ring mode begins to show an essentially
complete dissociation, the rate of dissociation at still higher
vibrational levels depends only on the amount of the excess vibrational
energy injected into those levels.

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