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Sat Apr 16 09:08:42 PHT 2005

Please post. 

The Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) has been established in 
1997 to provide high impact and systematic programs of interventions to help 
uplift the quality of public education in the country.  Since then, ACED has 
been actively involved in teacher training for public schools as well as 
helping selected public elementary schools initiate and sustain educational 
development programs through engaging the local community stakeholders as well.

Two of these elementary schools belong to the District 2 of Quezon City, 
particularly in the Payatas dumpsite area.  Payatas B Annex Elementary School, 
with about 1,000 students and only 6 classrooms, is located within the GK Blue 
Eagle Village in Payatas 13.  Lupang Pangako Elementary School, with about 
4,000 students and only 17 classrooms, is located about 100 meters away from 
the dumpsite. ACED’s engagement with these two schools has been very active and 
the local community has been very supportive of this effort.  Part of the 
commitment of ACED is to bring together various stakeholders to support the 
schools in activities and programs that will help them become better in terms 
of academic achievement as well as management. 

It is in this regard that ACED is inviting you, your faculty and your staff to 
participate in the National Schools Maintenance Week, otherwise known as 
Brigada Eskwela for these two schools on Friday, May 20, 2005, from 8:00 am to 
3:00 pm. This activity aims to bring together the community, the public 
schools, as well as other stakeholders in public education to clean up as well 
as do minor repairs in preparation for the opening of classes. 

Below is the list of materials that the schools need.  Please take note that 
these are just OPTIONAL DONATIONS.  The most important resource that you can 
contribute is VOLUNTEER time and a whole lot of community SPIRIT.  It is 
requested however, that participants bring their own lunch and drinking water 
as well as painting and cleaning materials (i.e., roller brush, walis tingting, 
tambo, cleaning rags, trash bags, etc.) since the schools do not have enough 
cleaning materials.  You may also bring old instructional materials, books, and 
educational posters that you wish to donate to the school. Transportation 
(jeepneys) will be provided by ACED.  

If you have any questions, or if you are interested to join us, please do not 
hesitate to call us at (TeleFax) 426-5693 or 426-6001 loc 4027 and look for Mr. 
Al Pagulayan, the Center’s Program Officer or e-mail at apagulayan at ateneo.edu 

We thank you for your support in this activity.
Anne Candelaria

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List of Materials:
Payatas B Annex Elementary School 
Acitivity: Clean-up and repairs of designated rooms and equipment
**Optional donation of any the following materials:
a. White paint, Galvanized Iron Sheets	g. Potted plants
b. Cement				h. Pipes (PVC pipes ½ size) and faucet
c. Floor Tiles				i.  Plywood
d. Sand					j.  Wood (good lumber 2x2 inches)
e. Iron 				k. Gutter
f. Cleaning materials (i.e. bunot,      l.  Nails (per kilo in any size)
walis tambo/tingting, floorwax)

Lupang Pangako Elementary School
Activity: Clean-up and/or painting of covered courts used as makeshift 
**Optional Donation of:
a.  Cleaning Materials
b.  1 (pail) Latex 
c.  1 (pail) Enamel paint (rosienna hue)

Anne Lan Kagahastian-Candelaria
Ateneo Center for Educational Development
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

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