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The Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Endowed Fund for Liberal Arts
Ateneo de Manila University
Established: 28 October 2001
67th birthday of Dr. Fernandez

15 April 2005 

Dear Former Students and Colleagues of Dr. Doreen Gamboa Fernandez,

I was a student of Doreen in 1979, my freshman year in the Ateneo. I was 
lucky to have her as my homeroom and English teacher.  I was young, 
idealistic, provincial and very impressionable.  She guided me towards 
my writing style and she helped me and my classmates discover our unique 
"voice". I might not be the most creative writer but I know I am not the 
worst. She opened our senses to Philippine history, literature, culture, 
food, music, theatre. Doreen proved to be more than just a teacher, 
eventually she became mentor, friend, and even inspiration. I know there 
are many others among you whose lives Doreen touched in similar ways.  I 
write to ask for your help in keeping both her legacy and the 
University's tradition of Liberal Arts alive in the Loyola Campus.

Some of you may already know that The Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Endowed 
Fund for the Liberal Arts was launched on October 28, 2001. The fund was 
envisioned to support two Professorial Chairs for faculty members doing 
work in Liberal Arts areas very close to Doreen's heart: Food writing, 
Philippine Theater, Creative Writing, Food anthropology, Journalism - 
activities that enrich the liberal arts environment of the University.  

Although total contributions to the fund had not yet reached its target 
of P3.0 Million, last year the University went on ahead to award the 
first two Chair recipients.  Dr. Ricardo G. Abad, Theater Arts 
Coordinator of the Fine Arts Program of the School of Humanities and 
Artistic Director of Tanghalang Ateneo, and Dr. Violet B. Valdez, 
Chairperson of the Communication Department and Executive Director of 
the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism were awarded the chairs for 
the School Year 2004 - 2005.  

To date, contributions have amounted to a total of only Php 1,776,302. 
Together with the net earnings of the fund of Php 266,963, the amount 
totals just Php 2.0 Million so far.  The Doreen Fernandez Fund still 
needs another Php 1.0 Million to be fully funded.

It is for this reason we are reaching out to you, her former students, 
to help us reach that goal before July this year, when a new set of 
awardees will be selected.

All in all, there are 1,705 of us former students of Doreen from 219 
classes through the school years 1972-73 to 2001-02. If all of us give 
as little as Php 586.00 each, we will easily reach our Php 1.0 Million 

Please write out your check to Ateneo de Manila University - DGFernandez 
Fund.  For those of us with corporations, corporate donations are tax 
deductible 100%.

You may deposit your donation to any Banco de Oro branch.  Please see 
details below.  We ask that you fax your deposit slips to the Ateneo 
Office of University Development and Alumni Relations, fax no. 426-6080 
and note your name and contact numbers with the amount you deposited so 
that we will be able to send you an official receipt and keep track of 
the deposits in the fund.  

    Banco de Oro, Katipunan Branch
    Savings Acct. No. 207-0001128
    Account name: Ateneo de Manila University    

Please let us also know where we can reach you so that we may inform you 
of upcoming events to celebrate the legacy of this wonderful woman who 
walked into our lives - Doreen Gamboa Fernandez.

For questions or other information please email me or call the Ateneo 
Alumni Relations Office, telephone 426-6001 locals 4083, 4085, 4087, 
4091 for Jeng Manglallan, Ria Sison, Marijo Mendoza, and Letty Benavidez.


Bukay Urra Lagman
Head, En 11A Class '79 Committee
Fund Champion, The Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Endowed Fund for
    Liberal Arts
Email:  Ma Teresa Urra <bukayurra at yahoo.com>

Through the Office of University Development
    and Alumni Relations, DAC Unit

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