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The Ateneo Res Cogitans Team
(consisting of Mark Punzalan, Allan Espinosa, and Carlos Miguel Arguelles 
-- contestants,
and Dr. Pablo Manalastas -- coach)
got an Honorable Mention Award
during the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC) 
World Finals
held last April 6, 2005 in Shanghai, China.

Organized by the Association for Computing Machinery and sponsored by IBM,
the ACM ICPC is the most prestigious programming competition in the world.
At the ACM ICPC World Finals in Shanghai 78 teams representing the top 
universities in the world
were given five hours to solve ten programming problems. In the 29-year 
history of the ACM ICPC,
it was the first time that a Philippine Team (represented by the Ateneo 
University Res Cogitans Team)
competed in the World Finals of the ACM International Programming Competition.
The first place was won by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (now a two-time 
world first placer)
which solved eight problems, the second place went to Moscow State University,
and the third place was garnered by St Petersburg Institute of Fine 
Mechanics and Optics (Russia).
Indeed, the Chinese and the Russians are very tough to beat not only in 
mathematics but also in computer programming!
The ACM ICPC World Finals Standing is published in the following site: 
The next ACM ICPC World Finals will be held in San Antonio Texas, USA in 
April 2006.
Before a college or university team qualifies in the ACM ICPC World Finals 
it has to compete first
in an ACM ICPC Regional Contest Site. The Asian Regional Competition will 
be held in ten sites
in several different cities in Asia. Any Asian team may participate in at 
most two Asian sites.
One of the sites is the Asia-Manila Site which is being hosted by the 
Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)
and being organized by the Department of Information Systems and Computer 
Science (DISCS).
Dr. Rafael P. Saldana of the ADMU was recently appointed by the ACM ICPC as 
the Regional Contest Director
of the ACM ICPC Asia-Manila Site. The ACM ICPC Asia-Manila Regional Contest 
will be held
on October 27-28 at the Ateneo de Manila University (tentative). For 
details please visit the website 
http://icpc.baylor.edu/icpc/regionals/default.html or http://acm.ateneo.edu
or send e-mail to: rsaldana at ateneo.edu

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