[Blueboard] Seminar in Ethics

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva mpvillanueva at ateneo.edu
Tue Apr 5 13:46:11 PHT 2005

                      The Philosophy Department
                        School of Humanities
                     Ateneo de Manila University

                 would like to invite everyone to the

                   Summer Lecture Series in Ethics
                           9:00 - 12:00 nn
                           Venue: Faura AVR

April 14-25: Dr. Ramon C. Reyes, "On the Ground and Norm of Morality"
April 26: Dr. Tomas Rosario, "St. Thomas on Law and Morality"
April 27: Dr. Jovino Miroy, "Ethics and Religion"
April 28: Dr. Remmon Barbaza, "Aristotle, Kant and Mill on 'Extreme
April 29: Dr. Manuel B. Dy, Jr., "Max Scheler's Axiological Ethics

May 2: Fr. Luis S. David, S.J. "Michel Foucault's Ethics"
May 3: Dr. Agustin M. G. Rodriguez, "Alternative Ethical Grounds"
May 4: Dr. Rainier R. A. Ibana, "The Stages of Moral Development in
Habermas' 'Pragmatic, Ethical and Moral Employments of Practical Reason'"

Php 200 per lecture
Php 2,000 for the whole course.

For inquiries, pls. call 426-6001 loc. 5360/61

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva
Department Secretary
Philosophy Department
Ateneo de Manila University
426-6001 loc.5360/61

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