[Blueboard] reminder from Ateneo Aikido Club

aloredo at ateneo.edu aloredo at ateneo.edu
Sat Oct 30 16:45:48 PHT 2004

To those who have signified interest (or anyone else), here's a reminder

First session for second sem: Thursday, 4 Nov, BLUE EAGLE GYM, 2/f
                              5:30 to 7:00 pm

Attire:  judo gi, or jogging pants and t-shirt
Mat fee: P 50.00 per session; or P 200.00 per month
Useful things to bring: drinking water, small towel

contact persons: Ada Loredo,Prixie Tan Cruz, Bj Patino
                 English Department ext.nos. 5310, 5311
e-mail: aloredo at ateneo.edu

** As a martial art, Aikido is a lethal and effective defense against
single or multiple attackers, armed or unarmed. On another level, Aikido
disciplines the mind and body to develop harmony with self and others.  In
both physical and mental conflicts, true victory is victory over oneself.

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