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(Monday, 18 October 2004)


POWER:  In the annual inspection of the City Engineer's Office, it was noted that electrical rooms in many buildings are used as storage area for equipment, furniture, supplies and fixtures.  This is a violation of the Fire Code and the University is mandated to correct this deficiency.  Pictures of these will be provided to the units concerned so remedial actions can be taken.   Electrical rooms must not be used as lounges or storage room.


WATER:  The Manila Water Company, Inc (MWCI) noted the increasing incidence of leaks in their distribution lines when moderate to high water pressure is applied in the Loyola Heights campus.  MWCI attributes this to the old existing pipe network that can no longer bear higher water pressure.  


To solve this problem, MWCI will replace the existing 250 mmf ACP (Asbestos Concrete Pipe) to 250 mmf PVC pipe.  The replacement of the distribution line will also require the relocation of 16 water meters.  MWCI suggests that Ateneo also upgrade the old service connections (water line to the different facilities) to improve the efficiency of the water network on campus.  This project will not disrupt school operations and traffic even if it takes three months to complete.


SECURITY:  A thief (picture below) was apprehended at the College Covered Courts around 11:00 a.m. last Saturday after she was seen attempting to steal a cellular phone from the bag of one of the Milo Best players.  


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Jane Araneta Bando


At the security office, she identified herself (she carried no ID) as Jane A. Bando, 34 years old, single mother of four (4) children, a native of Ilo-Ilo City, residing at no. 55 Nagpayong Pasig City.  Ms. Bando Also admitted to being a thief for the last two years.  She operates in Montessori (Fairview), Miriam College and the Ateneo.


At Montessori School in Fairview, she stole wallets with cash amounting to P6,000.00 pesos on several occasions.  At Miriam College, she took a wallet with P3,000.00 pesos two weeks ago. She and a friend were apprehended at Miriam College while waiting for a victim.


In Ateneo, she admitted to taking a cellular phone (Nokia 3310) from the bag of a football player at the Ateneo Erenchun & Ocampo Fields last month.  She usually enters the campus in a tricycle.  She was here last week but failed to steal anything.  The suspect was taken to Precinct 9 where the relatives of the would-be victim filed charges against her.


In the afternoon of the same day, a foreign student reported losing her wallet containing her VISA card, Japanese ATM card, Ateneo ID, Eliazo room and locker keys, P300 cash and a cellular phone inside the Filipiniana Section of Rizal Library.  The library's Closed Circuit Television does not cover the area where she left her things.


The search conducted by the library staff and guard failed to recover her things.  Saturday day is the day when outsiders are allowed access to the library.  The janitor did notice a male without ID in the toilet acting suspiciously.  Unfortunately he had left the library by the time the incident was reported.


TRAFFIC:  MMDA installed 30 new plastic markers separating the lane for Ateneo vehicles from Gate 3.5 last Thursday, 14 October.    


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation%20report/situation181004.htm



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