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(Tuesday, 12 October 2004)


POWER:  Except for the defective automatic transfer switch of the Residence Halls' generator, the campus is assured of back-up emergency power.  The Residence Halls' generator should be on line this weekend.


COMMUNICATION:  PLDT had line problems twice last week affecting 30 direct lines in the Loyola Heights campus.  Repairs were completed on Friday, 8 October.


WATER:  The Manila Water Company (MWC) distribution line (behind the College Chapel) supplying water to Schmitt Hall sprang a leak last Thursday night.  MWC's crew completed the repair on Saturday afternoon.  The damaged line did not affect cisterns and overhead tanks.


SECURITY:  A college faculty member lost her cellular phone last Friday, 8 October to a female thief posing as a visitor.  The thief asked to see another faculty member in the office.  While waiting, she requested permission to use the phone to call a Jesuit.  While rising the office phone she managed to be near the bag of the faculty member who was busy with the computer.    


The thief was taken for a graduate student.  She is in her early thirties.  She is of medium build and height, wearing a gray shirt and jeans.  She carried a shoulder bag and an umbrella.  The thief in fact placed her umbrella near the bag of the faculty member and used this as an excuse to be near the bag.  


The community is advised to be wary of strangers.  They should stay only in the reception area of offices.  Bags and belongings should be placed inside table drawers rather than on top of tables so they are not visible to passersby.  Vigilance is very important during these difficult times.  


TRAFFIC:  Intensified checking of gate pass stickers since 4 October has resulted in 2143 vehicles intercepted at the four entry points along Katipunan.    Vehicles without stickers commit many traffic and parking violations.  They have been able to get away with violations because they could not be identified.  


Shown below is the average number of vehicles identified daily through the ID of the student occupants. 



      Gates 1, 2, 3 & diversion road gate
      4 to 12 October



So far, only 139 have applied for gate pass stickers.  The names of the students will be submitted to the respective school units.    


The Grade School is having exam week.  Dismissal of grades 2 to 7 is at 11:30 a.m.  Heavy traffic will be experienced at this time.  The community is advised to make provisions to avoid the heavy traffic.   


Miriam College has taken the following steps to help ease traffic along Katipunan effective Monday, October 11, 2004:  

  1.. Gate 3 (fronting Shoppersville) will be open for Exit Only to Katipunan Avenue. 
  2.. Vehicles from the High School are encouraged to exit at Gate 2 (near the pedestrian footbridge). 
  3.. Vehicles dropping off and picking up students at the Grade School are requested to exit at Gate 3. 
  4.. All vehicles exiting Gates 2 and 3 bound for Aurora Boulevard and UP will be required to use the U-turn slot near CP Garcia Road.
Potholes are being repaired on weekends.  This is to facilitate the flow of traffic on campus. 



Please email comments to uppa at admu.edu.ph 

Situation Report 12 October 2004 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm  
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