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(Monday, 22 November 2004)


POWER:  The Katipunan grid supplies 60% of the power requirement of the Loyola campus, particularly facilities with laboratories.  To improve power distribution, (i.e., eliminate single phasing after power fluctuation and outages), the circuit protection system is being upgraded using a vacuum switch.  Work started early this month.  The switch will be ready for use by January 2005.  The pad where the switch will be mounted is now being constructed near the creek adjacent to Gate 3.5.  Installation of the switch will require an extended power outage in the Katipunan grid.  The outage is scheduled during the Christmas break to minimize disruption of activities.  


Given the rising cost of electricity, energy conservation measures have been adopted by the different units.  What is needed is the full cooperation of everybody in following the guidelines.  


The risk of fire increases during the Christmas season.  As we enjoy the spirit of Christmas, please take the necessary precaution to avoid fires.    


Everybody's cooperation is also requested in keeping electrical rooms clear and unobstructed.  Univ. Physical Plant personnel will regularly inspect electrical rooms to ensure that electrical rooms are not used as a lounge, or as storage rooms for old equipment, furniture and files.     


COMMUNICATION:  The old PABX auto attendant in the Ateneo Professional Schools (APS) Rockwell has been malfunctioning.   Calls made to four of six PLDT trunk lines (899-7691 to 96) tend to hang and block in-coming and outgoing calls even if the lines are active  This is being looked into now.  .   Calls to four Globe trunk lines (729-2000 to 03) have no problem.  The auto attendant may have to be replaced.


The Campus Network Group (CNG) has upgraded Internet services in the three campuses.  What CNG accomplished can be viewed at:  link.  



WATER:  Water samples have been taken for the quarterly potability tests.  Cisterns and overhead tanks will be cleaned if their samples fail the test.  Test results will be released by 29 November 2004.  Cleaning if necessary will be done the following weekend. 


Manila Water Company (MWCI) has been authorized to replace the old asbestos pipes on campus.  This will start in December instead of mid-November.  Campus traffic and activities will not be disrupted by this project.


MWCI is currently studying the feasibility of a central Sewage Treatment Plant in the Loyola Heights campus, similar to that in UP Diliman.  This is part of the university's environmental protection program.  


TRAFFIC:  Traditionally, traffic gets heavier towards the Christmas season.  This may be felt soon.  Geometric improvements to ease the flow of campus traffic are being done.  At the Grade School area, the entrance to the South carpark (across Fr. Masterson Drive from the Grade School carpark between Irwin Theatre and the Blue Eagle Gym) is now being widened.  This is also intended to improve access to the Central carpark near the PLDT-CTC and JGSOM complex.   


Given the indefinite construction of the pedestrian footbridge near Gate 3, Loyola Schools has started the shuttle service to help students cross Katipunan.  This program was discussed with the two tricycle associations (White & Green) and has their support.


SECURITY:  Losses due to carelessness and negligence in Loyola Heights, Rockwell and Salcedo campuses have been reduced but not eliminated.  All three campuses have lost IT components and/or equipment (LCDs) this year.  Security measures taken by the units contained the problem until an LCD projector was lost in September at APS-Salcedo and another at APS-Rockwell last week.  These are being investigated now.  There are indications that the problem may be due to non-implementation of security arrangements.  


Regarding intruders on campus, a thief who was first apprehended in 1994, then in 1999 and 2000 was again seen last Friday, 12 November 2004 in the Loyola Schools complex even when she has been warned not to return.


Click here to  view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter231104.htm


"Marilou B. Bagapayo" was apprehended last 12 November 2004 after a Loyola Schools janitor recognized her as having been banned on campus for theft in previous years.  She now claims to be 50 years old, a resident of 2578 Nakar St., Singalong,  Manila.  As in previous apprehension, the suspect carried no ID.  She claimed to be a parent looking for her child at Schmitt Hall.  She admitted entering the campus in a taxi driven by her son.


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter231104.htm


These pictures were taken on 1 February 2000 of the suspect who identified herself then as Zenaida Pascual.  


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter231104.htm


Marilou B. Bagaporo Resident of 55 Dalia Street, Fairview, Quezon City Security Bulletin issued 9 June 1999


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/quarterly%20status/quarter231104.htm


"Zenaida Pineda Pascual" when first apprehended on 22 September 1994 on suspicion of theft on campus.  She claimed then to be 40 years old, married, and a resident of 11 Leonardo St., Pasay City.



As a matter of policy, security guards are periodically rotated.  New guards have been assigned 

In the tree campuses and they can be viewed at link. http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/sections/leopard-ls.htm


Ms. Rose A. Banzon is reviving the use of smart cards in the Ateneo.  Mrs. Lourdes T. David of Rizal Library may use it to upgrade the library ID system.  Mrs. Ymelda G. Nibungco of the Personnel Office is considering its suitability as a unified personnel ID system.  


The smart cards can be used for small purchases (i.e., library fees, canteen purchases etc.), time keeping, for clearances and access to a number of facilities.  The findings will be presented to the units for possible use.  


MAINTENANCE:  The compost pit in the Loyola Heights campus has been filled up.  A new one is needed and Archipelago Builders, Inc has generously allowed the use of their backhoe to excavate a new one free of charge.  We wish to acknowledge the generosity of Archipelago Builders, Inc. (the contractor of the Grade School construction project) and the help of Ms. Thelma G. Padero for making the arrangement.   





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3rd  Quarter Status Report 22 November 2004 is also posted at http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/advisory.htm  

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