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Dear Fellow ADMU employees,

The Intramural Athletic Club (IAC) of the Ateneo de Manila College will 
be hosting the 3-on-3 Basketball Association (3BA) 2004 Ateneo IAC 
Tournament on Wednesday, November 17 and Wednesday, November 24 at the 
Ateneo de Manila College Covered Courts. The event will be open 
primarily to Ateneo de Manila college students and Ateneo employees. The 
project is for the benefit of the Tulong-Dunong Scholarship Program.

Since 1975 when the program was established by Fr. James O' Brien, SJ, 
TD has produced about a thousand scholars from the Ateneo, Miriam 
College, St. Scholastica's Academy (Marikina), St. Bridget's School, St. 
Paul's College (QC), and St. Joseph's College. Currently, there are 130 
scholars from first year high school to fourth year college that the 
program is supporting.

Ten years after Fr. O'Brien's death, the TD program continues to take up 
the challenge from where he left off. Unfortunately, the charisma of Fr. 
O'Brien that has attracted benefactors and supporters is sorely missed. 
As such, serious funding for the program has become a more real and 
pressing concern as the number of scholars the program supports has 
dwindled every year. Attached for your reference is a more detailed 
write-up on the TD program.

In its own small way, the IAC hopes to support this program that has 
made a difference in so many people's lives and has been an integral 
part of the Ateneo de Manila High School's educational program for 
several years. If you would like to support the IAC and the TD program 
by participating in the event, you may get a copy of the registration 
form from the IAC board located in front of the college cafeteria.

For any questions on the 3BA 2004 Ateneo IAC tournament, please contact 
the IAC thru Mr. Chiqui Paterno at cell phone no. 0917-5337778 or Mr. 
Ron Panilinan at cell phone no. 0919-5502594. For any questions on the 
TD Program, please call Mr. Sio Marquez at cell phone no. 0917-8121320.

Sincerely yours,

Director- Loyola Schools, PE Program


Player and Team Guidelines
1.    Teams must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 players each.
2.    All eligible individuals can play for only one team.

1.    Ideally, teams will be grouped into divisions of 8 teams each 
based on age and relative strength. All teams will only play those in 
their division. A basis for the grouping will be the current IAC 
divisions the players are in.
2.    The teams in the division will be randomly split into two groups of 4.

Tournament Format
1.    In the elimination round, teams play only those in their group or 
a minimum of 3 games.  
2.    The top two teams in each group will meet in the semifinals where 
the 2nd seed in one group will face the 1st seed in the other.
3.    The winners of these semifinal matches will face each other in the 
division finals.

Game Format
1.    All games will be 10 minutes long.
2.    Each player will be allowed 4 personal fouls while a team is 
allowed 4 team fouls before it enters the penalty.
3.    In the event of a tie after regulation, the winner will be 
determined by sudden death free throw shooting.

Special Features and Awards
1.    There will be a MVP and Mythical 3 for each division. Each 
individual award recipient and champion team will receive medals.
2.    As of November 5, the following prizes will be given to the 
participants, winning teams, and/or individual award winners: a) ABL 
jerseys and or shorts, b) 15-20 PBA jerseys, c) 15-20 PBA caps, d) PHP 
2-4,000.00 worth of Adidas products, e) PHP 3,000 worth of gift checks 
from Katipunan establishments, f) PHP 1,200 worth of Dulcinea gift 
checks, g) 5-10 cases of Coke, h) 2 boxes of Refresh Mineral Water, i) 
Gillette products, j) 1-2 boxes of Tang Pomelo Powdered drinks.
3.    The IAC is still soliciting new prizes. A final list of prizes 
will be posted on the IAC board at a later date.

1.    Wednesday, November 17, 4:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m.- Elimination round 
(All teams will play all 3 of their elimination round games)
2.    Wednesday, November 24, 4:45 p.m-7:00 p.m.- Semifinal and Finals
3.    To avoid conflicts, there will be no IAC 2004-2005 Basketball 
tournament games on these days.

Fees, Deadlines, and General Assembly
1.    The tournament fee per team is PHP 700.00
2.    All teams must pay the tournament fee and submit the registration 
form to the IAC on or before 1:00 p.m., Thursday, November 11, 2004. 
Please check the IAC board periodically to find out the venue where 
payments can be made.
3.    There will be a general assembly on Friday, November 12 at 4:30 
p.m. The groupings of teams into divisions will be determined during the 
g.a. by the teams and the IAC. Please check the IAC board periodically 
for the venue of the G.A.

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