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Thu Mar 25 16:29:47 PHT 2004

TO ALL:  CAMPUS TOUR PARTICIPANTS (please see official list below)

Please be reminded of the following:

1. Our Campus tour date is on March 27, 2004 Saturday
2. Our meeting time will be from 7:45 to 8:15.  Please be early so that
    we will have more time to cover our itineraries. The bus will leave
    at exactly 8:15.
3. Heavy snack will be served at the Salcedo Cafeteria 
    at approximately 10:15
4. You are encouraged to bring extra food, chips, and drinks (we will be
    leaving Rockwell Campus enroute Loyola Heights Campus at about 12:00
5. Bottled water will be available during the tour
6. You must wear your Ateneo ID during the tour
7. Comfortable attire is a must (white shirt, jeans, rubber shoes,
    snickers, caps, face towel, etc)

We look forward to an enjoyable tour with all of you!

 	           NAME	                UNIT
1.  MANAPSAL Onofre Jr. B	        APSL
2.  MOLINA Kristeen Jesusa D	        APSL
3.  TANO Raymond C	                APSL
4.  ADRIANO RonJohn C	                CA/SU-AVP
5.  BRUAN Cristee B	                CA/SU-OIP
6.  DAYAP Ma. Fe B	                CA/SU-OIP
7.  DE LEON Glenn F	                CA/SU-OIP
8.  ROBLES Lilibeth G	                CA/SU-UA
9.  TRINIDAD Lina O	                CA/SU-UA
10. DIÑO Charles S	                GSB-CCE
11. RAÑOSA Kharen H	                GSB-CCE
12. TY Aubrey M	                        GSB-CCE
13. MARCIAL Irene B	                Law School
14. ROSALIO Joanne W	                LS-ADSA
15. ASPERA Michael John	                LS-OAS
16. BOQUIREN Leonardo L	                LS-OAS
17. CAGAPE Nestor R	                LS-OAS
18. GANZON Maylalin	                LS-OAS
19. NAVARRO Estelita 	                LS-OAS
20. GLORI Rommel H	                LS-Philosophy
21. SANTOS Jomel B	                ORP
22. CATUBIG Arlyn R	                PDAA
23. BAUTISTA Ana Maria	                PPLH-CNG
24. AROSCO Joffre V	                RH
25. HERNANDEZ Jennifer Ann S	        UATH
26. ROSANA Myla D	                UATH

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