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World Water Day 22nd March
 Water, our most precious resource? Take part in our poster competition to
mark this day. Competition open to 8-12 and 13-16 year olds. 

'Water, our most precious resource?'
With fast growing human populations and increasing pressures on our water
supplies, access to clean water is a life threatening issue for some and
simply taken for granted by others. 

 Take part in our poster competition to mark World Water Day (22nd March).

 The poster content
 For your country, region or locality, design a poster to illustrate at
least one of the following:

Main sources of water
Main uses of water (domestic, agricultural and industrial) and how these
may have changed over time 
Access to clean water, and the quality of drinking water 
Dealing with waste water
Water as important part of ecosystems
Possible effects of deforestation and global warming
You may wish to refer to these websites, or others for ideas and




The poster format
We welcome electronic entries as well as paper ones. Paper posters should
ideally be A3 size (42 x 29.7 cm.) We regret entries on paper cannot be

Electronic entries should be in one of the following file formats: 

*.doc, *.pdf, *.gif or *.jpg 

All posters should be clearly identified with:

School name and address 
Teacher name (and email address if applicable) 
Student(s) names 
Students ages 
Title of the poster
The exciting prizes!
Student winners will receive colourful and innovative science books plus
stylish certificates of recognition. 

Teachers with the highest number of quality entries will receive the
ground breaking ASE Science Year set of CDs plus an exemplary book of
their choice from the following: 'Teaching sustainable development in
primary schools', 'Photo Opportunities in Science' and 'Science: the
Global Dimension'. 

Submission details
The deadline for poster submission is Friday 30th April 2004. Winning
posters will be announced by the end of May and displayed on the Science
Across the World www.scienceacross.org and The Association for Science
Education websites www.ase.org.uk Winning posters will also be displayed
at international conferences and workshops over the coming year.

Electronic entries should be sent to Karen Shoebottom at
saw at scienceacross.org Paper entries also to Karen Shoebottom at Science
Across the World, ASE, College Lane, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AA UK

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