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    Why the AMPC General Assembly is a must-go affair.
      a..   AMPC members who attend - whether they are MIGS or non-MIGS will get...
                      an AMPC backpack
                      a Nestle tumbler
                      a Nestle plate
                      a Nestle memo pad and pen
      IMPORTANT: The G.A. is a strictly for-members-only  affair. Only MIGS and non-MIGS may attend the General Assembly.
      a.. There are prizes to be won in our raffle. 
                 Nokia 3315 Cellular Phone from Nestle
               P30,000 worth of AMPC gift certificates for 56 lucky AMPC members 
                           1     P3,000 AMPC Gift Certificate
                           1     P2,000 AMPC Gift Certificate
                           1     P1,000 AMPC Gift Certificate
                           48   P500 AMPC Gift Certificates
                CASH prizes from Beef Terriyaki, Andre Coolers, Healthy Kitchen, Wafflers, Martini's
               Gift certificates from Little Caesar's Pizza
                 3 Cakes from Hacerpan
               CASH and assorted prizes from our suppliers:
                            Tanong Bakery (one sack of rice)
                            Great Eagle
                            Edward Edit
                            Alt Bev
                            Dice Box
                            Coca Cola
                            Condi Commercial
                            GSK Commercial
                            De la Pena
                            Dodong Ice
                            E.C. Magsanoc
                            Silver Star
      a..          There is FOOD to be shared
                                A hearty lunch from the AMPC Kitchen
                                Nestle beverages 
                                Nestle ice cream
      a..      It is a good time to renew ties with fellow members of the AMPC Community 
      b..        And best of all...you will get your dividends and patronage refunds!




    1.    Who may attend the General Assembly?
            AMPC members may attend the G.A. 
            Note that there are 2 types of members:
                  - Members-in-Good-Standing or MIGS 
                  - Non-MIGS
    2.    Who are eligible to vote?       
           Only MIGS may participate in the elections. They will cast their vote 
           for the following positions:
                      4 Board Members
                      3 Members of the Audit & Inventory Committee
                      3 Members of the Credit Committee
                      3 Members of the Election Committee


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