[Blueboard] Special Events of School of Science and Engineering

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Mon Mar 1 14:47:25 PHT 2004

We would like to announce to the Ateneo community that the School of
Science and Engieering has some special activities lined up for this

March 3, 2004 - BPI Science Awards 2004, 3 PM, Escaler Hall

The awardees for this year are:
Charlotte Kendra Castillo - IV BS Physics
Aileen Lorraine C. Dy - IV BS Computer Science
Ellazar V. Niangar - V BS Chemistry with Computer Engineering

They were selected mainly on the basis of academic performance and

March 5, 2004 - Dean's Awards for Outstanding Student Research. 4:30 PM,
Escaler Hall.

This year, the following made it as finalists in each category, with the
title of the research paper:

Undergraduate - Science:

Ma. Helen Cativo and Mitzi Lynette Ang (Chem) - "Fabrication of Dielectric
Elastomer Actuators for Artificial Muscles"

Andre Morte (Environmental Science) - "Analysis of Emissions from a Diesel
Engime Using Coconut Methyl Esters - Diesel Fuel Blends"

Allan Dale Abeleda and Christian Ebio (ECCE) - "Performance Analysis of
Conventioal Modulation Schemes in GMS/EDGE Systems through Simulation"

Karl Friedrick Mina (Math) - "Managing Risk through Options"

Undergraduate - Technology:

Ellazar V. Niangar (ChemCE) - "Preparation and Characterization of a
Single-Layer Polymer Light-EMitting Diode Using MEH-PPV"

Wilmer Bautista and Michael Benedicto (ECCE) - "Stand-Alone SMS-Based
Appliance/Security Automation"

Marco Mate and Darlene Mari Velasquez (DISCS) - "Enhanced Viewer
Experience System"

Graduate Category:

Agnes Melanie Funa (Chem) - "Preparation and characterization of
Quercetin-IMprinted Polymers for Solid Phase Extraction"

The finalists will each receive a plaque which will be awarded during the
ceremonies on March 5.  Furthermore, the first prize winners will receive
a cash prize of P10,000 for undergraduate level, and P15,000 for the
graduate level.


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