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Today, June 24, 2004, is the 
Solemnity* of the 
Birth of St. John the Baptist.

Schedule of Masses at the College Chapel
6:55 AM
12:00 NN
5:15 PM

"All-powerful God,
help your people to walk the path of salvation.
By following the teaching of John the Baptist,
may we come to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen"

*A Solemnity of the Roman Catholic Church observes an event in the life of 
Jesus, Mary, and the saints, beginning on the evening prior to actual date. 
Solemnity is made up of Latin words "solet" and "annus", meaning a yearly 
(annual) celebration. They are days of highest celebration and must be 
celebrated in full (with Gloria, the Apostles Creed and special readings and 

from a sermon by Saint Augustine on the birth of John the Baptist

The Church observes the birth of John as a hallowed event. We have no such 
commemoration for any other fathers; but it is significant that we celebrate 
the birthdays of John and of Jesus. This day cannot be passed by. And even if 
my explanation does not match the dignity of the feast, you may still meditate 
on it with great depth and profit. 

John appears as the boundary between the two testaments, the old and the new. 
That he is a sort of boundary the Lord himself bears witness, when he speaks 
of "the law and the prophets up until John the Baptist." Thus he represents 
times past and is the herald of the new era to come. As a representative of 
the past, he is born of aged parents; as a herald of the new era, he is 
declared to be a prophet while still in his mother's womb. For when yet 
unborn, he leapt in his mother's womb at the arrival of blessed Mary. In that 
womb he had already  been designated a prophet, even before he was born; it 
was revealed that he was to be Christ's precursor, before they ever saw one 
another. These are divine happenings, going beyond the limits of our human 

When John was preaching the Lord's coming he was asked, "Who are you?" And he 
replied: "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness." The voice is John, 
but the Lord "in the beginning was the Word." John was a voice that lasted 
only for a time; Christ, the Word in the beginning, is eternal. 



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