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Wed Jun 23 01:29:55 PHT 2004

The School of Science and Engineering
invites you to the screening of

based on the book by Brian Greene

The film tackles one of the most ambitious and exciting scientific 
theories. Known as the string (or superstring) theory, it aims to unite the 
laws of the large (general relativity) and the laws of the small (quantum 
mechanics). Brian Greene takes on a simple but masterful explanation of the 
theory, and the rich animation makes some of physics' most abstract ideas 
accessible to the mind's eye. A "must-see"  for science teachers and for 
those who simply wish to awaken their sense of wonder.

Part 1 & 2: Monday, 28 June 2004
Part 3: Monday, 5 July 2004
4:30 p.m., PCIB Lecture Hall

Office of the Dean
School of Science & Engineering
locals 5600, 5602
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