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16 June 2004
Ateneo Blue Eagles
UAAP Season 67

        The Ateneo Blue Eagles finished their participation in the Cebu 
invitational tournament with a 1 win – 3 loss record. The Ateneans won 
their first game against Viva Safety First but lost the last three games 
against General Milling Corporation, Skygo-UV and Hapee. The last loss 
was a heart breaker as the game was decided only in the dying seconds.

        The trip was a great learning experience for the players and the 
coaches. The games highlighted the strengths of the team as well as 
areas for further development. It also served as a good means to toughen 
the players physically and mentally as they played games on four 
consecutive days. Mr. Norman Black, Team Development Consultant, and Mr. 
Ricky Palou, Director for Varsity Sports Development, joined the team in 

        In January, there was a roster of 30 players trying out for 
slots in the team. Over the past months, the list was cut down to 18 who 
joined the Cebu trip. In the previous bulletin, we promised that the 
final line-up would be announced after the team’s participation in the 
Cebu invitational tournament. After careful deliberations among the 
coaches, led by Head Coach Sandy Arespacochaga, management and the team 
consultants, we are pleased to present the Blue Eagles for UAAP Season 
’67. The team is a combination of youth, experience, speed, strength, 
finesse and physical toughness.

        The 16 team members who will carry the blue and white colors of 
our Lady, patroness of the Ateneo, are, listed alphabetically: Japeth 
Aguilar, Ford Arao, Ken Barracoso, Paolo Bugia, Macky Escalona, Yuri 
Escueta, Larry Fonacier, JC Intal, Doug Kramer, BJ Manalo, Magnum 
Membrere, Jobe Nkemakolam, Martin Quimson, Bajjie del Rosario, LA 
Tenorio, and Chris Tiu. Eleven were members of last year’s UAAP team, 
one was a member of last year’s Team B while four are new to the team. 
Johan Uichico has an excellent chance of making it to the 20-and-Under 
Young Men’s RP basketball team that will represent the country in the 
ABC and he opted to continue trying out with the team as it will give 
him an excellent opportunity to develop his skills and represent the 

        The inclusion of BJ Manalo in the team has been the subject of 
much discussion among segments of our alumni. Opinions for and against 
his inclusion have been expressed in email groups, print and in small 
group meetings. Serious consideration has been taken of these opinions 
and feedback.

        When it considered the question of BJ being part of the team, 
the Ateneo took into account the effects of this decision on the team, 
BJ and the University.

        BJ expressed his desire to come back to the Ateneo for his 
graduate studies and, as he has a year of playing eligibility left, to 
play for the school. He tried out for a slot in the team and went 
through, like all other aspirants, the different phases of try-outs and 
training. In the end, the coaches, in consultation with management and 
team consultants, Mr. Norman Black and Mr. Ricky Palou, decided that BJ 
would be able to help the team in its drive toward excellence and our 
goal of winning the UAAP championship. According to Ricky Palou, "BJ is 
an experienced player with a winner’s attitude who exhibits good 
leadership qualities."

        BJ is an Atenean who spent most of his formative years, 12 all 
in all, in the Ateneo. We are aware of his reasons for studying in De La 
Salle University for college and we have taken these into consideration. 
We respect his decision to return and serve the university in his last 
year of eligibility.

        According to BJ, "I decided to come back to the Ateneo and serve 
it in the best way I can, in gratitude for the formation I received from 
the school. I hope I can contribute to the team and the school during my 
last year of playing eligibility in the UAAP."

        Now that we have the final line-up, the team moves into the 
intensive preparation phase for the individual players, the team and the 
coaching staff. With less than a month to go before the UAAP, the team 
has lined up several tune-up games against commercial and school teams 
while continuing its daily practices. The first tune-up game will be 
held on Friday, June 18 at 6:00 p.m. against the University of British 
Columbia team that is participating in the on-going PBA conference. 
Venue will be the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center.

        As always, we continue to ask for your support and prayers.

        ONE BIG FIGHT!!!


                                    MONCHITO MOSSESGELD
                                    Team Manager
                                    Ateneo Blue Eagles


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