[Blueboard] Announcement of Opening of Blue and Gold Ateneo Cafeteria

Joy Rodriguez-Salita msalita at ateneo.edu
Fri Jun 11 15:07:08 PHT 2004

An advertisement from the Blue and Gold Ateneo Cafeteria:

                          BLUE AND GOLD ATENEO CAFETERIA
                        is open to serve the Univesity Community
                            starting Monday, 14 June 2004

                                     We offer:
                       Home-cooked meals with personalized service
                              Complete catering services
                              Food orders and deliveries

                                  Come, visit us!
                                 2F, Gonzaga Hall

                              Or call us for deliveries at:
                                     LOCAL 5127

                                  ALSO AVAILABLE!
                                 Purefoods Hotdogs
                     Deck's Coffee (with Becky's Kitchen Pastries)
                                Fruits in Ice Cream
                                  New York Fries
                                 Noodles & Dimsum
                                 B&G BBQ & Steaks
                                   B&G Pica Pica
                                    Korean Gui
                                   King of Balls

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