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    The AMPC is pleased to announce that the following subconcessionaires will be serving the community this year starting June 14, 2004:

1.   Andre' Coolers                         Buco, Melon, Orange, Sago Gulaman, 4 Seasons, etc. JUICES
2.   Beef Teriyaki                           Chicken Strips, Korean Beef, Beef teriyaki, Mojos, etc. 
3.   Chefs                                    Siopao, Siomai, Kuapao, Gyoza, Beef Strips etc.  
4.   Cucina Italia                           Chunky Chicken, Tasty Tuna, Ham & Cheese, etc. PIADINA
5.   Dimsum & Dumplings                 Seafood Dumpling, Siopao, Siomai, Dimsums, Hopia, etc. 
6.   Martini's                                 Mushroom Sauce, Carbonara, Lasagna, Spaghetti, etc. PASTA
7.   OBento, A Taste of the Orient    Hainese Chicken, Fookien Chicken, Tonkatsu Burger etc.
8.   Pica-Pica Corner                      Squid & Chicken Crunchy, Pork & Shrimp Dumpling, Kani Fry, etc.
9.   Wafflers                                 Corned Beef, Bacon, Tuna, Chicken, etc. WAFFLE
10. YL Healthy Kitchen                   Creamy Pesto, Chicken Wrap, Turkey Burger, Croquettes etc. 
11. 3M Pizza Pie                            Ham & Cheese, Hawaiian delight, Beefy Meatsauce, etc. PIZZA
    Three of the subcons above were automatically renewed as they were the top bestsellers last year. They are:
1.    Andre'Coolers

2.    Beef Teriyaki    
3.    Martini's    
    After carefully reviewing the application forms of the applicants, the members of the AMPC SUBCON Committee narrowed down their number from 41 to 16. The applicants in the shortlist were then asked to bring food samples for taste testing. This was held on June 1, 2004 at Function Room A of Gonzaga Hall. 
Subcon Committee Members, students, faculty members, administrators and staff were asked to rate the samples. The final decision was made after the rating sheets were tabulated.
    The members of the SUBCON COMMITTEE are:
1. EVELYN CASAJE                                  Graduate Services - CHAIR
2. LENI CONEL                                           Treasurer's Office
3. HAZEL FERNANDEZ                              3rd Year Council, Science & Engg. Legislative. Sanggunian 
4. ELMER GADAINGAN                              High School
5. LINA MAGCAMIT                                    College Guidance
6. MYRNA PANGANIBAN                           EAPI
7. DR. SOLEDAD REYES                            Interdisciplinary Studies
8. MONCH RODEROS                                 2nd Year Council, Humanities, Legislative, Sanggunian                

    Students, faculty members, administrators and staff who came to the taste test were:  
STUDENTS:                Jap Paredes, Luis Abad, Agustin Rafael Reyes and Raoul Angelo Atadero
ADMINISTRATORS:     Angeles Franco, Anna Galvez, Carla Siojo, Christina Barzabal, Marijo Mendoza 
                                and Patricia Santos
STAFF:                     Antoinette Delica and Jane Lopez

1 June 2004
Gonzaga Hall, Function Room A

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