[Blueboard] An Invitation to Mentor

Ma. Johanna Pia G. Ortiz-Luis mortiz-luis at ateneo.edu
Wed Jun 2 08:57:40 PHT 2004

Good day!

Pathways to Higher Education is a project of the Ateneo's Office of the
President and Ford Foundation. Pathways helps academically-gifted yet
underprivileged students by providing access to higher education. Public
high school students from Marikina and Quezon City undergo enrichment and
review classes, and attend workshops for their holistic development. As
part of its endeavor, Pathways also links up senior high school students
with partner colleges, universities, and other institutions that can
provide scholarships for their college education.

Now on its third year, Pathways already has 80 participants who will be
college freshmen and sophomores this coming school year.  These students
need to be guided not only with their academic concerns but also with
personal matters during these crucial years.  In this regard, Pathways is
looking for mentors who are willing to become the students' "ates" or
"kuyas" (or perhaps, "titos" or "titas") as they adjust to life in
college. The main task of the mentors would be to meet their respective
mentees at least once a month, and provide them with the psycho-emotional
support that they need in their early college years and beyond.

If you have the time, stories, practical tips and insights to share with
our participants on how to survive college in particular and life in
general, please attend the Mentoring Program Orientation Meeting on June
19, 2004  at the Social Science AVR, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. For those who
are still discerning if they can commit or not, please attend the
orientation as well. That will be the proper time to ask all your

You may call 4266001 loc 4045 and 4048 or email mortiz-luis at ateneo.edu to
inform us of your interest in the program.
Thank you very much for your time. We are hoping to hear from you soon!


Harvey S. Keh
BS Psy '01

Solvie N. Nubla
BS LM '97

Pia G. Ortiz-Luis
BS Mgt '97

Carissa P. Villanueva 
BS Meco '03

Alexandra  DL. Angeles
BS MEco '03

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